TCPA and Predictive Dialing Mobile Phone Numbers: Unknown New Regulatory Territory Technology

With the passing of October 16, 2013 came new FCC rules and regulations that have the call center operators that dial consumers’ mobile phone numbers in a quandary.  The FCC Telephone Consumer Protection Act (‘TCPA’) rules mandate prior express written consent from the consumer when the operator uses an call center software with an auto dialer aka predictive dialer to call mobile phones or leave...

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Legit Western Union Money Transfer Hacker Technology

Are you aware that legit Western Union money transfer hacker really exists? Well, some may have been aware of this and may have been searching for it. There are lots of tutorials and tips that will help you on how to hack any transfer in Western Union. There are also hackers who claim of needing bug software for Western Union. To successfully and immediately hack...

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DEVOPS – A Buzzword On Lips Of Everyone In The It Industry Technology

Devops, being pioneered by the web scale companies like Amazon and Etsy, is prevalent across the enterprise market. Devops is something everyone wants to do. Then there is just one question: what is devops? Some people characterize this as a set of agile development practices that are refashioned. Others term it as a unique supporting tooling which automates the method of operating, deploying and assembling...

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Who is DIY Website Creation For? Technology

As recently as 10 years ago, website creation was regarded as an immensely specialized field. Although a fair number of them were self-taught, many professional designers received years of formal training. Suffice it to say, things have changed considerably. Thanks to the convenient tools provided by companies like, even people who have little to no web design experience can create professional-looking sites in a...

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