Recording a Screencast with Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac Technology

Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac is suitable for creating all kinds of guides that involved using your computer screen. It can be used to show the steps on how to do something on an application that is opened on your computer screen. You can use the software to create a complete video tutorial on how to use each of the features on the product/services...

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Top 6 Benefits Of Using Tire Size Calculator Technology

A calculator is used for calculation: it’s simple to understand. Similarly, tire size calculator is used for calculation of tire size and suitability of tires according to the size of the vehicle. But surprisingly, this special calculator is used for some other practical benefits of vehicle maintenance. It helps in proper replacement of a wheel Tire size calculator is also known as tire plus sizing...

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Real Time Mobile Tech News Mobiles / News / Technology

Technology has helped us to make our lives easier to a great extent. We have much more convenience, faster communication and better connections with people living all over the world. The tech scientists keep innovating and bringing more developments so there is still a lot of room to improve our lives from the way we know it today. How has Technology Impacted our Lives? It...

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2016 Web Design Trends To Boost Conversions [INFOGRAPHIC] Design and Development / Technology

With 2016 halfway over, UX experts and web designers are taking a look at some of the web design trends we’ve seen so far this year. Have a look at this infographic created by the team at The Deep End, which showcases promising trends that have turned users into new clients and customers. Enlarged images Users tend to connect with enlarged pictures than smaller, low-quality...

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