Do we live in a Virtual Reality? Technology

Can the theory that reality is a simulation be tested? We are prepared to investigate this question. Can the theory that physical reality is a simulation (i.e., Virtual Reality) be tested through scientific experimentation? Tom Campbell and his team of scientists believe it can. You can be a Part of History and help us find out. And this is real 21st Century science: So let...

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Optimize Your Home Time, Use Chores Devices Technology

Clean On Technology Get all the opportunities you can have to make your life easier and nicer. Cleaning your house, for example, is something that may take a lot of time but still done on technology and optimizing the time will be great and easy. Technology has brought to the scene the best elements ever like to make your life great and a lot more...

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These Top Blockchain Startups Are Set To Revolutionize Sectors This Year Internet / Make Money Online / Technology

Blockchain technology has come a long way since Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto introduced the idea to the world, along with the launch of the first cryptocurrency. Ten years later, the term blockchain technology has become synonymous with a lot of things, and it is no longer limited to being the power behind Bitcoin. Various companies have stepped up to enter the blockchain technology sector, with...

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How Sports Industries Are Using Drones to their Advantage Technology

The last two years have seen First Person View (FPV) drone racing grow into mainstream consciousness. Millions of dollars in broadcasting deals are ready to give the sport a lot of exposure. If you enjoy watching professional drone pilots navigate complicated courses with skill and finesse, then you should expect more from this sport in the upcoming years. Drones are making their way into other...

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