Do we live in a Virtual Reality? Technology

Can the theory that reality is a simulation be tested? We are prepared to investigate this question.

Can the theory that physical reality is a simulation (i.e., Virtual Reality) be tested through scientific experimentation?

Tom Campbell and his team of scientists believe it can.

You can be a Part of History and help us find out.

And this is real 21st Century science:


So let us explain:

The proposed experiments are described in our paper, On Testing the Simulation Theory, which has been peer-reviewed and published in the International Journal of Quantum Foundations:

The analogy between physical reality and video games (Virtual Reality) can be helpful in explaining our experimental approach to the question.

Using the video game analogy, we propose an investigation based on the assumptions: 

  • 1. The system performing the simulation (in either physical reality or virtual reality) is finite (i.e., has limited information processing resources no matter how great those resources may be). All video games have finite resources and currently accepted Quantum Theory supports the finite nature of physical reality;
  • 2. To achieve low computational complexity (due to finite resources) such a system would, as in a video game system, render the content only when (at that moment) the required information becomes available to the player;
  • 3. In a video game, the (game box) processor cannot be part of the virtual reality it is creating. It follows that if physical reality is a simulation, the computations required to create the physical reality cannot be determined by mechanisms that are part of the physical reality created.

Guided by these assumptions, the proposed experiments describe variations of the universally accepted wave/particle duality experiment—which when successfully performed—will test whether our currently accepted concept of physical reality will respond as if it were a simulation (Virtual Reality).

If reality does respond to these experiments as only a simulation (Virtual Reality) could, and if there is no other hypothesis which can explain the experimental results, then the logical conclusion is that our reality is, in fact, a simulation.


Here’s a schematic diagram to help you understand our goals: 


Goal # 1

Raise a minimum of $150,000 to perform one (or more) of the experiments and produce a video documentary about it.

As soon as we reach the initial $150,000, we’ll be able to buy the equipment, rent suitable lab space and perform one or more of the experiments. Once the equipment is set-up it won’t be difficult to perform multiple experiments testing the Simulation Hypotheses in different ways. As part of the set-up and testing, we plan to record the process and produce a video documenting the entire process.

And there’s more…

As some of you may know, Tom has designed a comprehensive number of experiments that will be able to address additional questions that may come-up as we proceed.

Let’s Not Stop Here

Goal # 2

Beyond the Initial Experiments… 

If we can raise additional funds (beyond Goal #1) we plan to produce additional experiments, documentaries and videos addressing relevant issues dealing with your life in a Virtual Reality. For each additional $150,000 we raise, we will produce additional experiments and documentaries along with more of the following videos (and we’d love to hear your ideas about the order you’d like to see them produced).

Let’s go beyond Goal #1 and do all the experiments and document the experimental process–as well as better explain the implications for your life and the and MBT concepts involved.

Let’s Do them All!
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1. How Does Virtual Reality Work?

Discuss the logical implications, the mechanics, the science, connection to the “physical” world, connection between mind and matter.

2. Virtual Reality – Solving Paradoxes

Solving the fundamental scientific and philosophical paradoxes created by the current reality model.

3. What Living in a Virtual Reality Means to You

Who, what and why do we exist? Why should I care? What does living in a Virtual Reality have to do with my everyday life?

4. The Larger Consciousness System (LCS)

What is the LCS and where does it come from? How did our Virtual Reality come to exist? What is its purpose?

5. Life, Death and the Immortal Nature of Consciousness 

The nature of sequential lives and their purpose.

6. The Constraints and Freedoms of Virtual Reality 

What are some of the abilities and restrictions that Virtual Reality implies?

7. How to Find Meaning, Happiness, and Joy in the Virtual Life 

How do you optimize the Virtual Life?

8. The Evolution of Consciousness—Our Eventual Future and How We May Get There 

How to save the world and ourselves at the same time.

9. Life as a Citizen of the Larger Reality 

Responsibility to yourself and others.

10. And finally, If we hit a Grand-Slam we’ll invest the extra funds in developing a comprehensive, easy to understand, series of videos on the science behind Tom’s Theory of Everything (ToE)… 

Educational programs like this will become a part of Tom’s new Center for the Unification of Science and Consciousness (in-formation).

Why All the Rewards? Isn’t the Knowledge Enough?

We all know how valuable having this information for ourselves will be—it will change our lives.

But we can’t stop there. It’s also important to spread the knowledge around and get others talking.

The Rewards can help do that. It’s not just a coffee mug or a T-shirt—it carries a message. All the Reward items carry messages.

The Rewards can stimulate discussion with your friends and family. They can encourage some independent (personal) research by someone who notices.

You can even re-gift them!

Our Kickstarter campaign only lasts for 30 days, but the inspiration lasts forever.

Note: Some of our backers have attempted to select multiple Reward tiers but been unable.  Unfortunately, this is a Kickstarter rule.  It’s our mistake (ugh!).  This is our first Kickstarter and we weren’t aware of that rule.  It’s a bigger problem when a backer selects a “Stand-Alone” Reward which doesn’t include any other reward tiers.  We designed the “Stand-Alone” Rewards with the assumption you would be able to select additional tiers.  If you’re one of those backers, please let us know of the problem and we’ll find a way to get you the Rewards you want.  We’ll also be consulting with Kickstarter seeking a solution.

Note:  You may wonder why some of the Rewards shipping dates listed are so far out.  Until we close the Kickstarter campaign we won’t know how many videos we’ll be producing—and it takes time to produce quality videos.

If you’re due a series of Rewards, we’ll be shipping those shorter lead-time items as soon as they’re ready.

Earn a lot of Rewards and you’ll be getting goodies periodically for the next year!

1. Why are you doing this instead of a larger, more prestigious organization? 

We’re not so shabby when you look at our individual credentials. Thomas Campbell, a former NASA physicist, and pioneer in the study of consciousness leads a team of Ph.D. scientists from some of the most prestigious governmental and academic institutions in America. Our team published a peer-reviewed (i.e., reviewed by other scientists) paper describing our quantum physics experiments in June 2016 in the Journal of Quantum Foundations.

It’s a lot of work to produce a paper like this. It also means that our scientific peers reviewed our work and determined our paper was worthy of publication in a prestigious journal. Few scientific papers submitted to journals are published.

2. Why hasn’t this experiment been done before? 

It’s not easy to make it this far when you’re addressing a topic that suggests a profound change in the currently accepted model of reality. Scientists like Tom Campbell have been quietly working for years, developing the solid theoretical foundation for these types of experiments. There’s a tremendous resistance to this type of radical change in thinking within the scientific establishments. It has the potential to upset a lot of scientific apple carts.

3. Why now? Why this moment? 

We think the moment is ripe to address this question. Thought provoking content dealing with the nature of information-based virtual reality is starting to permeate the media and entertainment industries. At the same time, ground-breaking information-processing technology is accelerating exponentially—raising additional questions and providing increasingly precise experimental equipment. Now is the time.

4. What are the implications for my life—for all of us? 

The implications for humanity, that we may be living in a simulation, are profound. This evolution in consciousness may change the relationship we have with the universe—and even with each other. As our self-awareness grows, so will our relationship with the world. Rather than individual islands of ego, we will become a part of a much larger and interconnected system of creation and cooperation. Our time (today) will prove to be a seminal inflection point in the evolution of humanity.

5. Hasn’t someone else already addressed this? 

Science has been reluctant to test this theory since it is radically contrary to current orthodoxy. However, we now have more sophisticated tools for measurement than ever before, and a group of scientists willing to put their reputations on the line to advance humanity’s understanding of itself.

And, of course, there was never a Kickstarter platform to raise the funding outside of the established institutions.

Risks and challenges

We’re passionate about our mission: Testing the Simulation Theory.

Our team of scientists has impressive professional credentials and our hypothesis has been peer-reviewed by other scientists.

This project is serious stuff. The implications of living in a Virtual Reality are truly profound—for all of us on this planet.

We will do everything we can to make sure your Rewards are delivered on time as scheduled. If there are any delays we will work with our backers and be fully transparent during the entire process.

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Thank you for your support!

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