2016 Web Design Trends To Boost Conversions [INFOGRAPHIC] Design and Development / Technology

With 2016 halfway over, UX experts and web designers are taking a look at some of the web design trends we’ve seen so far this year. Have a look at this infographic created by the team at The Deep End, which showcases promising trends that have turned users into new clients and customers.

Web Design Trends

Enlarged images

Users tend to connect with enlarged pictures than smaller, low-quality ones. Eye-catching imagery has more of an impact on a user.

Split-screen display

If you provide a variety of services, products or categories, you want to direct people towards the place where they are most included to convert. Speed up this process by offering a split screen.

Shining CTA

A luminous call-to-action button on an unobtrusive background will make it will stand out, elevating the probability of a click.

Minimize navigation

You won’t overwhelm (and scare away) a user if you offer them less choices. By providing accessibility to just the important navigation features, concealing the remainder (either behind a menu icon or in an auxiliary navigation area), and significantly accentuating the CTA, users will most likely go on to the next step you’ve prepared for them.

Get their email addresses

A tried-and-true CTA method is an email sign-up form. By replacing distractions with a suggestive header, sub-header, and easy to use contact form, users will deem you worthy of their precious email addresses.

Video rundown

Video continues to grow in popularity for web designers and developers. Video gives users information about your company that they might not have otherwise read about. It provides a visual what the company is comprised of, and establishes a sense of trust between you and the customer. Users are more likely to convert for a business they feel they can trust.

Sticky header CTA

Conversions are generally successful when you make the process as easy as possible for users. With a CTA button that’s always easily accessible, you eliminate any work for the user, allowing them to take the next step, hassle-free. Consider adding a sticky header button on your mobile and desktop layouts.

Laying it all out

Displaying all you have to offer is a great way to allure users towards whatever they are most interested in (and have been mostly prepped for to convert).

One-column CTA

Don’t stop or delay the natural flow of a site through numerous sidebars, columns, and other distractions – it’s frustrating for a user. Display your main CTA in one column with an influential headline, compelling sub-headline, and an abundance of whitespace, so it will stick out, even on pages that are content-heavy.

Customized user experiences

Amazon.com and other sites like it realize that not all users convert the first time they visit. As such, they monitor what their customers have browsed, and remind them (with visuals) of it upon future visits, in addition to other products that might interest them. By doing so, they increase the likelihood of not only making a future sale, but adding to it with impulse purchases.

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