3 Different Ways to Find Recently Expired Domains Business

Expired Domain Lucrative Investments

The Value of Domains

Website domain names have been used for lucrative money making opportunities for years. They hold value in online business ventures, and for businesses new and old. Domain names hold value, and can be used in many ways to create income; they can also be used as a virtual real estate. Just like anything else of value, domain names can be purchased and resold for higher profit. Especially recently expired domains names, linked to frequently used websites. Depending on the relevance to businesses, domain names can be a highly valued asset, and create value in companies.

How Do Domain Names Create Value?

Most recently expired domains create search engine value over time when their previous owners used the domain for a legitimate business. Their value is created when they match keywords with high search volumes on online search engines. Search volumes equal traffic, and some expired domain names were frequently used websites which have acquired following and traffic giving it value to other businesses. When domains have traffic, usually that traffic can be redirected to other sites, or the domain can be bought by a company who can use its traffic to promote traffic to another website, this method is called 301 redirects. Expired domains are cheaper than new domain names, and within 30 days of non-payment, they are re-released onto the website registry to be resold.

Many expired domains are hard to find, but they are a significant investment when it comes to knowing what to do with them. Many domains were once owned by previously legitimate companies, who may have abandoned the domain altogether during growth, or other reasons; as a result of their domain the domains prior reputation creates value in the domain name.

What are some ways to find expired domains?

There are a few tools that can be utilized as ways to find expired domains. Before we go over some of the websites that provide tools for finding lucrative expired domain opportunities, let’s go over the types of expired domains that will give the most value.

There are six different expired domain types that you can come across when looking to purchase an expired website domain. They will either have existing links to other sites, existing redirects to potential spam domains, prior content that will have to be cleaned up or may have created negative value with Googles index, a previous reputation which would create value depending on its activity and indexation which is whether it is listed in googles index. The best domains to search for will have a pretty good reputation, be indexed on google, and also will have valuable redirecting sites which can link to the site of the buyer.

Some of the best websites used as ways to find expired domains are search engine style and offer tools which will examine broken links, provide backlink analysis, spam filtering, and also tools capable of showing which expired domains will give the most value.

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