3 Good Tips To Talk Anything With Anyone Technology

At least once in our lifetime, we’ve all felt fear for the “awkward silence” when talking to a stranger, and it’s totally fine.

It’s completely normal to feel fear once or twice, but not really all the time.

The fear of the “awkward silence” can even make people not to talk to any stranger or anyone at all and for us, human beings, communication is key in our lives:  we need to communicate in order to live.

Communication is a synonym for life, knowledge and freedom. Three of the basic things we need as humans.

Everyone has a different conversational style. If you have an extroverted personality, then making up a conversation with anyone it really no big deal for you and you may look at this article as very unhelpful.

But if you’re on the introverted side, then maybe you’re sick and tired of feeling like nobody ever understands you due to your lack of confidence when having a conversation with anyone.

Awkwardness in a conversation make introverted people to feel the need to escape from actual face-to-face interaction due to the cringe it makes them feel.

This article may help these kinds of people understand how easy it is to have small talk and how to overcome this fear once and for all.

Success in the small talk domain is just like any other success in other social situation, including online chat rooms, job interviews, and social networking. The basic thing to do is to find a common ground the people you want to communicate with by using just the right amount of self-disclosure, empathy, and tact.

But enough of the small talk! Here’s a list of 5 tips that can help you talk anything with anyone:

1) You have to listen!

Sometimes, whenever meeting someone new, you may try to fill up the dying moments with chatter about yourself.

Better than talking first, try to talk second if you can. Yes, obviously somebody has to the start the conversation, but the more you listen to each other, the more things are going to flow.

2) Stay on top the news!

Being aware of the current events is super helpful. It’s the best way to have interesting and meaningful conversations!

Knowing about all today’s news will help you have enough topics to bring up in any conversation with anybody.

3) Don’t assume people will agree with you!

It’s not good to conclude that everybody agrees with your position at all times. You’ll start on the wrong foot and you will end up with it in your mouth.

Debate is actually good for the soul; it makes the conversation more enjoyable.

Meeting people and have small conversation with them isn’t everyone’s virtue, but if you follow these simple tips, it’s highly probable you find yourself actually enjoying long talks with anybody!

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