4 CRM Platforms Changing the Way Businesses Do Customer Service Business

Customer relationship management (CRM) helps businesses small and large change the way they do customer service. Customers demand top-tier customer service from large enterprises and small mom and pop businesses.

CRM allows companies to manage and analyze customer interactions.

The goal of all CRM systems is to help businesses retain customers, drive new sales and build relationships with customers in a new and intuitive way.

A lot of companies (small and large) are offering CRM software, but a few packages that fit into even a small businesses budget are:

1. Base CRM

Base CRM is an all-in-one platform that calls itself the “next-generation CRM.” The company’s CRM software states that users have a 50% faster lead response time and 80% increase in new leads. Base goes beyond the basics and offers:

  • Account and CRM
  • Lead tracking and prioritization
  • Sales management
  • Email intelligence
  • Win rate optimization
  • Sales intelligence and forecasting
  • Sales reporting and analytics

The company offers products for all business sizes. Small businesses can leverage lead capture forms, lead management, conversion flow and visual reporting. Mobile apps are provided, too.

2. Zoho CRM

Zoho offers a cloud-based CRM that offers a multichannel approach to business. The company offers a plethora of free and premium products that tie together to offer one of the most robust marketing solutions available.

The company’s CRM can plug into:

  • Email
  • Telephone
  • CRM
  • Sales signals

Advanced analytics are offered as well as reports and dashboards, workflows and inventory management, document library, advanced customization, custom modules and four professional paid tiers to pick from.

And there’s a free edition to help businesses get started with the CRM at no cost.

When you need to stay in front of the competition, Zoho offers the tools to get started quickly without the fuss or high price tag.

3. Insightly

Chances are, you’ve seen Insightly advertised everywhere. The CRM combines project management to make keeping track of your relationships in a robust manner. There are several aspectsof the company’s service, including:

  • CRM: View background information, email history, projects, events, manage leads, organize sales and vendors and so much more.
  • Project Management: Track projects, activity, milestones and do so at every stage of your project.
  • Social CRM: Integrate Insightly into your social media accounts, allowing the project to detect social media profiles by email addresses. View all your contact’s information in one compact dashboard.

You can also run reports, file share, create filters, track all correspondence and even integrate the CRM into your favorite apps, including Gmail and Google Drive.

4. Salesforce

Salesforce offers an industry-leading product, and there are several tiers to fit into the needs of small and large businesses. The company’s CRM ties into several web services and offers:

  • Automatic data capture
  • Intelligent follow-up reminders
  • Smart mobile apps
  • Account management
  • Opportunity tracking
  • Lead management
  • Task and event tracking
  • Customized supports
  • Email integration
  • Quotes
  • Mass email
  • Workflow automation
  • Report history
  • Advanced forecasting

These are just a handful of the features that Salesforce provides with their plans. While the platform offers a robust CRM solution, it’s a little pricey compared to the other options on our list. For companies with a larger budget and number of clients, Salesforce may be the right option to enhance customer relations.

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