4 Reasons Why your Visitors Leave the Office Unhappy Business

In this post, we will list down some of the common reasons why your visitors are unhappy once they leave the office premises. Their dissatisfaction will not be good for the business, especially if you are trying to attract them as a client. With this, it is critical to pay attention to addressing the source of their unhappiness.

  • Waiting Too Long in the Reception

One of the most common complaints from office visitors deals with the time they have to be kept waiting in the reception. Often, this can be because of the inefficient visitor management. You might want to consider firing the receptionist for not doing a good job! Instead, consider using a digital visitor sign in app, which will automate the entire process and will cut down the waiting time. This eliminates the need for manual logging of visitor information. There is also an option that allows guests to pre-register online before the actual visit.

With the plethora of options for the best check in apps for business, one that you might want to consider is Greetly.

  • Unwelcoming Environment

Designing a welcoming office does not need to cost a fortune. Even on a budget, you can come up with a well-designed space that will make visitors feel welcomed. If the office is crowded, cluttered, and dark it will feel unwelcoming. When the employees are not smiling, guests will also most probably leave unhappy. Use bright and inviting colors to give energy to the place. Pay attention to proper lighting. Best of all, train your employees to have a welcoming attitude when there are guests.

  • Contact Person is Unavailable

It is frustrating to travel for hours only to find out that when you reach your destination, the contact person is unavailable. This can happen when a visitor arrives in the office only to learn that the person he or she is supposed to meet is not around. A good solution to this is an app that allows visitors to schedule their visits in advance to let the contact person that someone expects to see him or her at a specific time.

  • Lack of Security

Another common source of complaint among visitors is when they feel unsafe when they visit the office. This can be attributed to a number of reasons, such as being poorly located. To add, it is also important to invest in a secure office infrastructure, which will benefit not only visitors but also the employees in the office. It will be good if there is visible security personnel on duty. Installing CCTV systems will also be great to provide visitors with peace of mind.

Pay attention to the things that have been mentioned above and it will be easier to make sure that visitors will have a smile on their faces when they leave. This can help the business establish a more positive image, which in turn, can also have a positive impact on its profitability.

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