5 Free Online Free Tools Every Body Should Need to Know Internet / Technology

It is really hard to find free websites that would really help you ease up your works. Most of the apps online required you to pay more and you can only use it for free during the trial period. However, these are the 5 free online tools everybody should need to know in order to avoid paying more for the same quality of tasks.

  1. Tattoo Font Maker

Free tattoo font maker is available for you with more than 50 types of fonts provided for you to choose. It will make you go in awe. This website provides service where you can create your desired tattoo fonts to see whether it suits you or not. You can play around with variety of fonts to be chosen and don’t have to pay a cent.

  1. Free PDF converter

Converting any file could never be easier and free of charge! It is really hard to find free tools to convert PDF to other documents. This website allows you to convert from PDF, Word, JPG and many more type of documents for free! You can also merge and split PDF. In addition, you can upload your files from sources such as Dropbox, Google Drive and links. No hidden fee, high quality and easy tool that require less efforts.

  1. Fancy Text

You don’t have to be a logo designer in order to create cool letters for your logos. This website provides more than 100 cool letters for you to choose. Just simply type the name for your logo and choose your favourite ones from the provided logos. You can also customize it according to your preferences. It is free and fun to use. No charges required.

  1. Ringtone Maker

Skip the intro part and put your favorite chorus as your ringtone for free! This website would allow you to choose your favorite part of the song and turn it into ringtone in few easy steps: upload, mark and save!

  1. Cartoon Yourself

Level up your creativity by creating a cartoon version of yourself for free! It is very real and similar to yourself. Cast away the lame avatar and upload your customized cartoon version of yourself! This website provided cartoon services where you can create your own avatar; you can change your hair, eyes and even make a face full of emotions. There is variety of choices and you will have fun for free!

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