5 Pairs of Cool High Tech Sunglasses Technology

When it comes to sunglasses, we’re spoiled by a huge variety of styles, colours and brands, allowing us all to express our own sense of style with our eyewear (while still keeping ourselves suitably protected from the sun).

But for some of us, sporting a pair of designer sunglasses simply isn’t enough, and as Google Glass showed, there’s a real demand for the combination of technology and shades in today’s market. So in this post, we’ll take a look at five pairs of sunglasses that perfectly demonstrate the growing trend for high tech frames.


Available from the official DropShades website, these sunglasses feature sound reactive technology, combining with LEDs to give you shades that light up in time with music. The shades have a small microphone that converts incoming sound via a signal processor, triggering colourful LED lights on the lenses. Definitely one way to get noticed at the club!


There are lots of pairs of ‘spy sunglasses’ available in today’s market, but none that offer quite the level of quality as SunnyCam. These shades can record video in HD at 720p resolution, recording at 30 frames per second. They come with a 16GB memory card, although there’s room for a 32GB memory card should you wish to upgrade. They’re also available in a rather sport design suggesting they’re aimed primarily at those who wish to capture their sporting exploits in full HD glory.

Atmos x Oakley Capsule Collection Jawbone

These incredible frames are a collaboration between Oakley sunglasses and Japanese streetwear brand Atmos. They feature a black and white speckle patter and a striking, glow-in-the-dark bottom bracket. We’re not entirely sure why you’d want to wear sunglasses at night, but should you choose to do so you’ll be noticeable from a mile away!

Polaroid GL20 Camera Glasses

These shades are a collaboration between Polaroid and Lady Gaga, and feature a built-in digital camera. Not only that, they also boast a pair of 1.5” LCD displays set into the lenses, meaning you can view your pictures without taking off the sunglasses – they’re also surprisingly stylish, making them a good bet for anyone who can’t be bothered to hold a camera, but still wants to take holiday snaps.

Recon Jet

The Recon Jet sunglasses feature a wealth of technology, including Bluetooth and GPS, an embedded HD camera, speakers and even a microphone. Not only that however, but they boast a powerful integrated microcomputer that provides the wearer with detailed performance metrics aimed at those taking part in sports. They even feature what’s being called an ‘optical touchpad’, which allows the wearer to operate the functionality of the glasses using gesture control.

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