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Word-of-mouth is easily the most effective form of advertising and marketing, and always has been.

People trust the opinion of those in their social circle far more than they will ever trust marketing and advertising pieces put out by companies that are (obviously) just looking to persuade them to purchase whatever it is they have available for sale.

Social media marketing today gives every business the opportunity to cash in on (and measure) word-of-mouth marketing in a way that just wasn’t ever possible before – but that doesn’t mean that every small business is taking full advantage of this kind of leverage.

Thankfully though, by protecting yourself against the five social media mistakes highlighted below, you will be able to avoid a lot of hassle and headache going forward.

DON’T ignore social media

Regardless of whether or not you own a mom and pop shop or a global company that spans clear across the planet, you absolutely NEED to take advantage of social media today or you’re going to get crushed by competitors that are.

Your customers don’t just want to find you on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter these days – they expect to find you there and if you aren’t around they are going to shop with people that are.

DON’T use social media strictly to promote your business

A lot of small businesses forget about the social part of social media, and instead use it to spam as many marketing and advertising messages as humanly possible. This is the fastest way to kill your activity on social media, to alienate your following, and to turn word-of-mouth against you

Build a relationship with this tool and you’ll have a lot more success!

DON’T post willy-nilly

Steal a great concept and strategy from big businesses and create a social media calendar that you use to inform the kinds of posts that you send out on a regular basis. Plan out your social media activity as much you are able to, building campaigns out months before you actually implement while still keeping a lot of spontaneity in your day to day operation, and you have tremendous success online.

DON’T expect too much

Social media is very powerful, but you shouldn’t ever rely on it as your single or sole source of customers or leads. This is a game changing technology for sure, but it isn’t a miracle worker and it isn’t going to completely replace any of the other marketing or advertising efforts that you have been using for some time now.

Let social media do some of the heavy lifting, but make sure that you have other initiatives carrying part of the load as well.

DON’T go it alone

At the end of the day, the odds are pretty good that you already have plenty of extra stuff to worry about on your small business or entrepreneurial plates and likely aren’t all that excited about learning the ins and outs of social media marketing when you could be doing something else far more profitable with your time.

Don’t feel as though you have to do all of your social media marketing all on your own. This is a lightning fast way to burnout and failure, when you could have hired someone to do the heavy lifting for you while you focused on something with a higher return on investment.

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