5 Ways to Use Snapchat for Business Internet / Social Media

You might be considering of incorporating Snapchat into your social media promotion strategies. Additionally you may be planning of using Snapchat to fortify your brand. By using Snapchat you can improve the community interaction with your products and increase the brand publicity with state of the art marketing schemes. Therefore, we will inform you of five ways to implement Snahpchat for your business.

Why Snapchat?

With more than hundred million daily participating users and four hundred million snaps every day, Snapchat is one of the emerging social media networks. Probably you might know that seventy one percent of Snapchat’s U.S. users come into the eighteen to thirty four years age range. Even if your target customers are not in the demographic, Snapchat is evolving into a vital component of global marketing schemes.


The Snapchat platform is easy to utilize and it consists of many options that can improve your interaction with the software. You can add filters and geofilters for optimizing your searches and you can utilize text and emojis to convey your expressions. Moreover, you can use music and many other interactive features all from one platform

Therefore we are informing you of five ways with which you can utilize Snapchat to impress and tantalize your target audience to improve the publicity of your brand.

  1. Invite People to Live Events

Snapchat is excellent for real-time social media promotion because it can offer the audience with an opportunity to attend the live events. You can also utilize it for product launching event or trade shows that can market your products to thousands of customers from different parts of the world. You may be surprised to know that you can even use Snapchat to offer access to unique events like thousandth customer who shops from your store. The Snapchat makes your audience genuinely interested because it offers a different in-depth view of the events you want to show to your audience.

The NBA has utilized Snapchat in a number of ways, for example it used the utility at the Draft. The NBA social media experts also utilize Snapchat to promote the All-Star Game and Finals events. The NBA launched their brand campaign on the platform for one of the All-Star Game. Therefore all the fans could view the videos of L.A Clippers top player Chris Paul and original Snap Dunk snapshots.

You can also utilize Snapchat to offer specific details to the audience that they may not be able to find on any other digital channel. You can think about some specific topic that you want to deliver to the community of your audience.

Some top end brands like McDonald’s have utilized the Snapchat platform to make their new products popular to their customers before they can be officially launched.

  1. Offer shows, Give-away contests or Promotions

Everyone appreciates social media offers and contests therefore you should create ways with which you can increase the number of your followers. For example, you can dispatch the promo codes or low price offers to the fans who view the complete Snapchat report.

GrubHub made a successful campaign to make its products popular with a number of promotions and publicity deals and offers. In fact they were the one of the first brands to launch a Snapchat market hunt. Every day in their five-day campaign, they inquired their followers to upload a daily snap of the food selfie. They also told their followers to post the snap of their food doodle on their platform.

  1. Show Off The Record Content

You can easily offer off the record content to your community, which can help in crafting and creating a strong relation with followers. You can show-off the company’s policies about the number of different objectives that they have set for the followers. On the contrary you can show them the important events that take place in your company like birthday parties or promotion treats and company outings. You can work on different methods of differentiating your brand from the other companies.

  1. Partner With Influencers

Snapchat can work on the new themes launched by the social media trend setters like Instagram and other social mediums or on the contrary it might also work on new methods. By collaborating with the influencers, you can market your objectives to a demographic that is difficult to reach by conventional media.

You should keep in mind that the stakeholders who are proficient with the Snapchat platform can develop top class video presentations that can improve the brand loyalty and opinion of people about your product. Therefore you can utilize social media platforms like Snapchat to increase your product’s popularity.

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