Advice on Selecting the Right Home Automation System Technology

Home automation is becoming more and more widespread as the years go by and the technology improves. People are starting to realize how much such a system like this can benefit their lives. The systems are certainly transforming the way we live for the better in ways we thought would never be possible. The technology is able to play a key role in security, as well as saving the system user both time and money., who are Home automation experts, state that the global smart home market is expected to grow by over $40 Million by the year 2020. Because of this growth, many different home automation providers are raising their game and innovating at an astonishing rate to try and get a competitive advantage over the competition. So, what are the main providers?


Creston is the most recognizable smart home provider in the market at the moment. They continue to grow at a relentless pace and they have been in business for four decades. Crestron not only offers home automation services, but they also offer impressive entertainment products, as well as lighting, security and temperature control systems.

I personally love the Crestron Lighting Control system, which allows you to control the lighting in each room, even if you are away from your home. This is a great feature for deterring any would be burglars, so it improves security.


Control4 is favoured by smaller properties such as apartments. The Control4 system doesn’t offer as much flexibility as a Crestron based home automation system. This doesn’t mean it is not as good, so Control4 is perfect if you want a “plug and play” sort of solution. The Control 4 system is certainly more cost effective for those who wish to install a system on a budget.


Lastly, we would recommend Lutron. They are able to offer a high-quality unique lighting system and they specialize in the development of lighting systems for smart homes up and down the country.

The Lutron system is flexible as it allows you to control the level of light you’d like in each room by using your smart phone or tablet. It is even possible to set the system to an automatic control setting, which will then manage when the lights turn on and off for you.

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