Allyos: The App That Gives You All You Want For $1. Or Your Money Back Apps

One of the toughest things in life is to get all the stuff you need. Most things are expensive, and you can’t afford them. So the creators behind Allyos asked the question: How can you afford them all? The concept born, the Allyos application is here to change all of that. The app comes with a uniquely social shopping system that helps people get the stuff they want fast and without spending a ton of money on it.


What is Allyos?

As a whole, the app has a single premise. It allows people to pay $1 to enter a raffle for any item they want. This is how the app does crowdfunding for that particular item. Then a raffle will take place, and the winner will be notified by the application. This is a great system because you get to have a chance to purchase the item you want without paying more than $1 for it.

It is a revolutionary system that helps you get exactly the results you want and so much more in no time. Gone are the days when you had to spend a lot of time online trying to get the items you always wanted. With Allyos you get to have that right in front of you, and at a price that’s not that expensive either.

When you enter the app, you can see a list of all the current items that can be crowdfunded. All you have to do is easy, you get the app, and then you browse through all these offers. When you see an offer that’s interesting for you, all you have to do is to tap on it.

Upon doing that, you will see the crowdfunding goal, how much of that was already raised and how many days or hours are there until the product has to be crowdfunded. You can also add $1 to that event if you want to. If you do so, this will enter you in the social shopping, and if you win that raffle, the product will be yours.

Not only is this one of the simplest ways you get the products you want, but the return on investment can be huge. It is one of the best opportunities out there, and the results can be second to none in that perspective. Contact us right now, and you will have no problem enjoying the experience and taking it to the next level fast and easy.

People love Allyos because it’s really simple and easy to use. It provides you with a great range of products to bid for. But there are some things that make Allyos much more interesting than just that.


Why use Allyos?

Maybe the most exciting thing about the app is that you can easily pick what item to support and you can do that on the spot. But here comes the kicker. Here everyone is equal, there’s no underfunding or overfunding here. Everyone pays $1 for the product. And in the end, the lucky person will win. There’s no way to pay more than a single dollar to enter the raffle.

This means everyone has fair chances when it comes to winning that particular product. And it works extremely well, to the point where every person can acquire the product they want and enjoy the most without paying more than a single dollar.

If you win, the product is either delivered to you or you can collect it close to you from the dealers. If you are not the selected winner, you get your money back in a form of discount voucher starting from 2% up to 30%.

No one loses anything here, and in the end, this is one of the most interesting social shopping experiences that you can find out there. Allyos allows you to enjoy a great lifestyle experience without spending a lot of money. Thankfully, you can be In on the product every hour if you want to. There are unlimited possibilities here, and the entire process is fair and exciting for everyone involved in this.


Are there any restrictions?

Allyos makes the app as easy to use as possible, and everyone can start using it in no time equally as everyone has 24 hours a day, so you can add maximum $24 to an item per day. Plus, using the app is very easy and intuitive. You are free to choose whatever product you want to back if you want to. It goes to show that you can obtain tremendous results and a whole lot of value in no time. It’s certainly worth giving it a shot if you want to change your lifestyle without spending a lot of money.

Is Allyos secure?

The best part for a lot of people when it comes to Allyos is that the whole concept is patented and encrypted giving maximum security. You see all your transactions and actions in your app Wallet like a bank statement recorded. As a huge addition, Allyos Core Developer team is in discussions of placing the whole raffle system into a decentralized private blockchain so the whole process will be clear, checked and unhackable ever. This means you can rest assure and receive a great return on investment. It’s the future of online social shopping where the community splits the price.


If you’re looking to change your lifestyle $1 at a time or collect the biggest discounts on the most trendy products, then Allyos is the right app for you. It looks amazing, and it does deliver the features you want and the results you need in no time. Give it a try right now before the global soft launch in the app stores and download the free Lite Allyos app version from the official website as your first Dollar is on us now!

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