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Designing Your Website with a Professional Touch Design and Development

You want your website to give off professionalism, but what does that actually mean? What does it entail for you to have a website that meets expectations and is professional? Is there a consensus among users as to what they think your website should look like and feel like in terms of usability for them to consider it to be professional? The simple answer is...

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Taking Magento Development To Your Favour Design and Development

 You may have heard quite a lot about Magento, especially with the spread of e-commerce activities around the world. The fact is that Magento is widely acknowledged as the best platform for e-commerce development. Since its launch back in March 2008, it has undergone many changes with a view to accommodating many demand and needs of the specific industries such as the e-commerce. The best...

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2016 Web Design Trends To Boost Conversions [INFOGRAPHIC] Design and Development / Technology

With 2016 halfway over, UX experts and web designers are taking a look at some of the web design trends we’ve seen so far this year. Have a look at this infographic created by the team at The Deep End, which showcases promising trends that have turned users into new clients and customers. Enlarged images Users tend to connect with enlarged pictures than smaller, low-quality...

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Three Reasons to Consider a Bundled Shopping Cart Package Design and Development / Technology

When it comes to buying or selling goods and services, the Internet is a powerful asset for anyone. Sellers in particular have become keenly aware of just how rewarding ecommerce can be. One simple solution for any business or organization looking sell a number of different products is the addition of a website shopping cart. Furthermore, the operation of the cart can even be trusted...

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