The biggest tech event of the year, Consumer Electronics Show (CES) takes place every year and sets the direction of innovation for the tech industry. The spectacular innovations are, many times, set ahead of time. Recently, 3D printing is all the rage and catches the attention of trendsetters in the CES. New revolutions are presented every year at the show on which 3D printing business providers keep a close eye on. What are the innovative offerings set in the CES 2019? Let’s find out.

  • The debut of the XYZPrinting new mini-color 3D printer

Since the past few years, XYZPrinting is popular for bringing new innovations to the show every year. This time the company introduced their new printer called the Da Vinci code Mini 3D printer. The difference between this printer and other printers is that it offers full-color 3D prints. This marks as a huge step forward as there doesn’t exist a lot of 3D color printing options.

  • Polaroid came up with their PlaySmart 3D printer

Known globally for their Polaroid cameras, the company has recently put forth their 3D printer. It exists as a light, compact and office-sized 3D printer offering a printing volume of 120 x 120 x 120 mm. The printer not only has an aesthetically pleasing design but also has mind-blowing features such as Wi-Fi control, webcam and scale features.

  • 2 new models introduced by Formlabs

At the CES 2019 this year, the SLA 3D printing specialized firm came up with two new models. The new models are said to produce molded silicone because of the material’s elasticity and its transparency. Furthermore, the company announced the availability of Digital dentures materials which comprise of the dental base resin and denture teeth resin allowing labs to produce custom dentures in a cost-efficient and time-friendly way. Currently only available in the US, the company is looking to partner with various other countries to make the material available.

  • Nexa3D supports large format SLA 3D printer

At the biggest tech event, Nexa3D put forward its new SLA machine called the NXE400 3D printer to the American market. This new printer can bring about revolution because it is said to be 6 times faster than that of competitors and the volume is also said to be 2.5x larger. The production duration for the prototypes is destined to be reduced from several hours to just a couple of minutes. The printer also comes powered with strong materials that are capable of supporting ultra-fast 3D printing.

  • Wiiv and Dr. Scholl forms an alliance to offer tailored 3D printed insole

Conventional companies were seen venturing into 3D printing this year. The two companies, i.e. Wiiv and Dr. Scholl formed a partnership to produce custom printed insole. At the CES, they announced the insoles will be easily available for users via their smartphones. The great idea is to capture the customer’s foot’s picture from varied angles and let the app generate an insole.


With exciting innovations being introduced in the 3D printing industry, 3D printing companies enjoy wide scope today and in the future.  

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