Choose the Right Phone Systems for Business Business

When you first start out in business it is highly likely that you will simply have a home phone and maybe your cell phone.  This is a viable phone system for a one person business.  Your home phone will act like an office phone and your cell phone will allow you to stay in touch with all your emails and other correspondence.  For a start-up or very small business this may be enough and it will certainly keep the costs down

However, this is a system that will quickly be outgrown; especially if you start to take on more staff.  Suddenly you will need to communicate between staff, save messages, relay them and even transfer calls.  It will then be necessary to look at what is on offer to locate the right phone systems for business; this will ensure you retain any competitive advantage and can expand and grow effectively.

Digital Phone Systems for Business

The preferred system by most business is the digital one.  This uses the internet to create phone calls and provides as smooth and quick a response as the standard phone line.  A digital system with VOIP will allow excellent communication between staff and even allow them to video chat.  This will ensure any project can continue successfully even if the staff members are in different parts of the world.

A digital phone system is also capable of linking with your website to allow live chat.  This is an increasing popular feature that enables customers to contact you instantly.  They type a message on the screen and you will see it in real time and can reply in the same way.  However, the latest technology leans towards providing live video chat.  This ensures customers feel like they are dealing with a real person and improves the relationship and even total sales.

Analogue Phone Systems for Business

It is still possible to install an analogue system into your office.  This is a much simpler approach to the issues.  It provides phone calls through the phone line.  Although this is dedicated, it is no faster than VOIP and the line can be tied up by one call.  This makes it very frustrating for potential customers to call and discuss any issues; they are likely to spend a long time just trying to get through.

The analogue phone system offers some basic features such as call forwarding, an answer phone and even the ability to transfer calls.  It is a good system to start with but not one which can be used as your company grows and improves.

Although there are other options available when considering phone systems; the analogue and the digital are the most common systems and generally the best choices as phone systems for business.  It is advisable to spend the additional funds and have a digital system as it provides more features, less costs in the long run and the ability to adapt and improve with technological developments.  Of course, this is a decision which must be made by you in line with your business needs.

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