DEVOPS – A Buzzword On Lips Of Everyone In The It Industry Technology

Devops, being pioneered by the web scale companies like Amazon and Etsy, is prevalent across the enterprise market. Devops is something everyone wants to do. Then there is just one question: what is devops? Some people characterize this as a set of agile development practices that are refashioned. Others term it as a unique supporting tooling which automates the method of operating, deploying and assembling applications: still few people refer it to as a change in the culture. If we put it in other words, it is an ambiguous term that may be interpreted in various ways. It is a known fact that devops is being implemented by many organizations around the world. Many IT professionals as well as job seekers are obtaining devops online training and getting expertise in devops as it has huge importance in today’s IT industry and there are many job opportunities in this field.

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DevOps can be termed as the changing culture of Enterprise IT

For the past several years, so many people have been working on devops and till now, there are countless discussions on this topic at various levels of its operation. Sometimes, it seems like people keep on discussing about devops rather than doing something for its effective implementation. Inspite of this ambiguity, there is something important and understanding what is the reason for this race towards devops and what is required to win the race is highly critical for an organization’s success – and this is not just about being the top decile IT company but also in the sense of an organization being able to compete in the global economy that is ever-evolving.

Some people think of devops as an augmentation of agile practices or as a form of agile development. The software development has been transformed by agile development from a waterfall process that is very lengthy to the one in which teams focus, collaborate more on development of the code than specification writing, and the business representatives participate directly in the process of development.

Some people feel that the implementation of agile leads to devops eventually and thereby solves the concern regarding delivery of applications at a rapid pace. Unfortunately, this is wrong. Firstly, many efforts by the companies to shift to agile development are hindered by the availability of poor infrastructure while the individual developers can work on their own systems, certainly there comes a time when an environment resembling production must be stood up to assess the merger and enable more robust testing. This method needs machines to be supplied and getting them may take weeks or even months. So, when attempted in a traditional infrastructure operations approach, even agile development is challenged. Even if the agile development works smoothly and can get adequate resources, in all too many IT companies the development code is given to an operations group that continues to execute the management and deployment through legacy manual processes. The overall speed of application delivery is not changed at the end.

Without the automation of all the IT tasks associated with application deployment as well as development, implementation of devops is impossible. Unfortunately, many IT organizations today are too busy to invest in automation as for them; the shift to devops is only possible once it is clear to everyone that the existing processes fail to meet the expectations. Being burnt out on demands that seem unrealistic, employees flee the environment. Then the company needs to implement automation as there are no experienced employees who can effectively implement the processes that are existing now. This states that the automation is fundamental to devops. Every organization needs to respond to this need in “software is eating the world” economy today and train their employees through Devops training.

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