Support your Clan and Community while They Learn from Edge of Extinction! Games

Edge of Extinction is one of the most exciting and popular card games throughout the America. It has been liked by people of all the age groups. It is a wonderful educational game which not only helps us in realising the importance of eco system in our lives but it also sows the seeds of competition and playing together in young children. This game can be a very good means of giving initial lessons to the children about our ecology and how it works. Young minds will understand that any kind of imbalance in the eco system caused by us can later lead to destruction of human lives.

Use of the game in schools!

Makers of the game are promoting the game in the schools at various cities of America. Extensive marketing and promotion campaign is being conducted in all the schools for using the game as an educational tool. For this purpose makers have sent the game samples to the teachers. Many teachers across the country have approved the game as a very good teaching tool for the children. Apart from that they have also noticed that children are not taking much time to understand the game and getting along with it very fast. They believe it is a fun way to teach children about national parks, caves, sea, mountains etc.

After the approval from the teaching faculty game makers are sending legal applications to school boards in order to include these games officially in the school curriculum.

Edge of Extinction as trading card game!

Game makers are all set to create and extensive marketing network for the card game like Edge of Extinction. They are of the vision of not only raising money for themselves but other people should also get fiscal or educative support from the game. This game is all about people helping people so that overall balance in the ecology and the society is maintained. Makers are asking the local clan to sponsor the game to the local schools and the libraries. Since more and more children will come in contact with the game through schools and libraries, more educative they will be about the ecology. Makers are devising practical methods by which all the people which include the makers, sponsors and the sponsored institution can be benefitted. Keeping the game in the local library is attracting many new potential players and sponsors to the game. If you wish to support the library in your vicinity you can contact the game makers for sponsorship.

Availability of the game in the stores!

All the old and new card series of the games are easily available in our selected game stores. If you do not have such gaming store in your area you can also purchase the game online. Apart from official website of the game makers these pack of cards are also available on some selected shopping websites that you can easily search through search engine. Game makers are trying to get more and more financial support in order to give special discounts to educational institutes.

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