“Feeling Offline, looking for a Quick Fix? Get it Online!”-Internet Radio Technology

The long distance communication has been made possible only after the discovery of waves. Based on the characteristics of the waves they are categorized and used for various purposes. Frequency modulated waves (FM) is one among these types which could travel over certain distances with a minimum distortion ensuring Higher data accuracy. These waves were the primary source of communication in the olden days this mode of communication with the help of radio waves is referred to as Radio Communication. Nowadays these radio waves are also used for education and entertainment purposes. Thus with progressive technological developments, methods of broadcasting signals have also been simplified to a greater extent. This enables us with a wide variety of signal transmitting possibilities that has led us to the topic which is discussed below.

Connecting people across the world with Data Streaming:

Radio stations which are used for the purpose of entertainment would broadcast audio signals which would contain the data corresponding to various sectors of entertainment which include news, sports, and various genre of Music over a limited distance. Thus people from different countries could never listen to the signals that are being transmitted from other parts of the world. In order to overcome this issue new method of transmission has been followed to help people across the world get connected. This method is termed as Internet Radio. In this method, the transmission of these audio signals takes place by means of Internet. As these audio files are made to be displayed in streaming (Audio signals are transmitted in the form of TCP/IP packets and are reassembled at the receiving end continuously) these signals cannot be paused or replayed.  Hence these files cannot be downloaded as in podcasting (in which these audio files has to be downloaded) this online radio transmitted signals cannot be modified. There are many online radio stations which provide these services to the people as this seems to be the promising mode of communication as the usage of internet is increasing rapidly, some of these online radio stations would include  Dublab-Los Angeles, Hitsradio.com,  Pandora Maestro.FM and etc.

What makes Online Radio differ from a Traditional radio?

The first and foremost difference is their area of coverage. As mentioned earlier FM signals cover only a certain area while the online radio signals could be accessed from any part of the world as long it stays connected to the Internet. The method of choosing is also a major asymmetry between these radios. In an online radio broadcast signals from several other stations can be accessed within a fraction of seconds whereas, in FM radios the tuner in the receiving side has to be adjusted to move to the next session. Internet Radio applications are portable when compared to the FM Radio receivers. The Quality of signal also plays a major difference.

The ratio of Online Radio audience is increasing at a steady phase. A survey has been conducted which states that more than four in ten people(37 percent)  of people in the United States who listens to these online radio services actively participates in the social networks. Hence these Web radios provide information when required and lead us in a better way.

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