Google Penguin Algorithm Update: What Changes? Internet / SEO

Google Penguin was Google’s answer to the number of websites and blogs which use keyword links with the same color as the page background so they stay hidden from naked eyes. It also affects pages which use too many keywords in the same article and also pages which get links from link farms and paid links. You can also join a Digital Marketing Course in Delhi to know more about the Google penguin update.

 To beat Google Penguin your website needs to:

  1. Create unique relevant content. Google wants websites and blogs to be original and free of any duplicated content. Google likes to see new fresh content every day.
  2. Do not participate in link schemes. Google excels at spotting such schemes and ranking all the involved websites lower and even removing them from the index. This also includes any paid links. Google is smart enough to see if you are buying links by looking at the link code inserted on the website which links to you. Join an SEO Training to know more about Link Building.
  3. Never hide keywords using the same text color as used with the background. This is an old technique that does not work anymore. If Google sees that text color is like the background, bad things happen to your website or blog.
  4. Using a keyword density higher than 3% is suicide. Google does not like it. There are free online tools which count your keywords in real time. Make them work for you, check all your articles before posting. The perfect keyword density is 2% according to some article directories.
  5. Never use duplicated content on your website even if you are the author. What is published on other blogs that you own should be published just there and nowhere else. Instead of spending time copying and pasting that content, focus on writing something new and interesting. Google can spot even if you change the article using similar words.
  6. Do not make more than 10 links from your article to other websites. Every time you make a link to an external website, the voting power of that page decreases and so internal links have also less power and this will lower your Google search positions. Google loves to see links to other sites but only when that is done with moderation.

 Google Penguin affects about 10% of all US searches and almost the same amount for other languages. Google is your friend, the website which sends more visitors to a website more than any other site. Make sure that Google loves your blog and Google will reward you with lots of visitors looking exactly for what you have to offer.

 Google is not only the main source of traffic for most blogs, it is also the website which sends the best traffic which clicks Google Adsense ads and buy the products. This happens because people come to your website or blog because they need the information you posted there. They also need to buy products and services for their work, because they want, etc. Since Google Adsense shows ads related to the page’s post, there is quite a high chance of having Google searchers to click on the ads and buy the advertised product.

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