How Coworking Spaces Changing The Workplace Business

As the world advances with greater knowledge and even better technology, companies need to rethink how they are structured and designed, especially as it pertains to the workplace. Many of today’s offices are still the same as they were fifty years ago: employees sharing cramped cubicle spaces, bosses having private offices, workspace amenities distributed depending on rank, etc. While the traditional office setup may have worked in decades past, new research shows that coworking spaces allow employees to thrive more than in traditional offices.

Coworking spaces like are rapidly gaining popularity in the country and all over the world. So much so that startups and young companies are beginning to ditch the office in favor of the former. Whether you need a temporary place to work or an official homebase for your business, a coworking space can help you in more ways than one.

Looking for a change of scenery or a jolt of inspiration? Here are several reasons to consider a coworking space:

  1. Improves Mood And Promotes Wellness

The office cubicle can feel confining at times, especially when coupled with poor ventilation and bad lighting. Each day, over 1 million Americans miss work due to office-related stress. The culprit? Cramped workspaces and demanding work environments.

Many of today’s offices are becoming breeding grounds for heart ailments, depression, chronic diseases, obesity, and other non-communicable diseases. The combined effect of which is an estimated $300 billion dollars lost each year in health expenses and opportunity cost.

Coworking spaces avoid these pitfalls by incorporating open space and communal work areas, which have been proven to boost mood and encourage healthy practices.

  1. Breaks Office Stereotypes And Goes Beyond Corporate Culture

Thinking outside the box can be difficult when you’re literally boxed in. Offices drain the life out of employees with workplace politics and cannibalistic competition. Instead of encouraging collaboration, companies are pitting employees against one another, which ultimately leads to resentment and being burned out.

A co-working space does the opposite by encouraging people to exchange ideas and work towards a common goal. In doing so, teams end up creating more value for one another as opposed to taking value away from each other.

  1. Encourages Office Automation

By design, coworking spaces introduce a shift towards modern thinking. Which is precisely why the world’s most cutting-edge companies such as Apple, Google, and Facebook are adopting them.

Coworking spaces can be the perfect environment to introduce innovation and automation. And most are equipped with modern amenities like ergonomic furniture, smart lighting, remote printing, and other things that make the workplace more efficient.

  1. Provides Freedom And Flexibility

Arguably the biggest benefit of a coworking space is the freedom and flexibility it affords. According to LinkedIn, today’s workforce responds more to output-based as opposed to time-based work.

Employees working a nine-to-five job are less likely to be productive. Why? Because those who are paid by the hour have a tendency to extend their work in order to increase their pay. Give your team–and yourself–the freedom to do output-based work at a coworking space. The results will surprise you.

Coworking spaces are a leap forward from the traditional office. Not only do they encourage productivity and creativity, they provide the perfect environment for people to share their thoughts and ideas.

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