How Infor Is Improving Efficiency in Distribution Businesses Business

Infor brings businesses to the cloud. Industry-specific programs help companies manage their teams more efficiently and drive productivity and innovation.

How can Infor help your business?

Some of the key metrics where businesses see improvement when implementing Infor products are:

  • Reaching and retaining new markets
  • Meeting customer demands better
  • Improving the management of inventory
  • Making smarter decisions in purchasing inventory
  • Gaining deeper insights into finances and performance
  • Automating rebate management

Infor has industry-specific products to help sectors like Distribution increase efficiency across the board. Visit this website if you want more information.

How do Infor products work?

Infor is a cloud system, putting all of your business’ current programs into a single interface for easier use and management. Your teams will be able to find tools quicker, do their work easier, and save money through saving time.

Experts that implement Infor products will go beyond simply installing it—reputable companies will help you evaluate what needs improvement and get you setup with tools and templates within the cloud, allowing you and your employees to work better.

How long does setup take?

Setup depends on the size of your business and how many employees you have. It also ranges depending on how many programs you’re using and need integrated, along with how much data needs to be migrated into the Infor cloud.

Training should take place after setup, but luckily, Infor products come with training materials if you’ve got an IT person who can do training for you. Otherwise, you can find many Infor dealers to train your employees. Thankfully, the interface is intuitive and shouldn’t be hard for your employees to pickup.

In fact, since Infor puts everything in one place, it will be even easier for your employees to use in the long run.

What does Infor do?

Once in place, Infor is simply a cloud system that puts all of your company’s sales, financial, management, and other software in one place. The real-time reports and tools will help your management team look at goals better and track employee progress.

The company you work with will likely provide support and updates to you.

How much does it cost?

Infor products range in price, it all depends on your business’ individual implementation process: how long it takes, how much data you have, how custom it needs to be, etc. The company you choose to work with should begin the process with an evaluation of your company’s current infrastructure and give you an estimate on cost and time to setup.

Depending on the experience of your employees, they’ll also be able to quote you on training if you need it.

Infor products, once in place, will save your business a lot of time and money. Your processes will run more efficiently and customers will even have a better experience thanks to the seamless processes on the front-end. Support will be improved thanks to better inter-communication. Overall, Infor will make your business work better.

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