How Sports Industries Are Using Drones to their Advantage Technology

The last two years have seen First Person View (FPV) drone racing grow into mainstream consciousness. Millions of dollars in broadcasting deals are ready to give the sport a lot of exposure. If you enjoy watching professional drone pilots navigate complicated courses with skill and finesse, then you should expect more from this sport in the upcoming years.

Drones are making their way into other sporting arenas. From soccer to American football, they are used to capture intricate tactics and plays in real-time. As these sports become more adjusted to the use of drones, we expect more on the field. It’s no surprise that elite teams worldwide are now experimenting with the drone technology. If drones offer a small advantage in the field or to the viewers at home, you can expect them to be widely adopted.

The huge potential of drones has already emerged in these fields:


Drones are fast and flexible. When they are outfitted with high-end onboard Hi-Resolution cameras. There is a growing opportunity for these drones to replace and replicate some of the features of stadium camera systems like SkyCams. Drones offer different angles and capture videos and photos from heights that regular cameras cannot giving the viewer a new perspective.

These are the benefits that have encouraged some broadcasters to choose drones over wired cameras. They also has the potential to make water-based sports more interesting as well. Drones are definitely a game-changer” for sports such as surfing or rowing as it can give the viewer an up close detailed view.


Drones have a unique view that only birds, helicopters, and planes can have. It is a great tool for sports training and several Premier League and Championship football clubs are already utilizing drones for this purpose. They are used to compile databases of clips for each player, and help in research as well as creating strategies for a game.


In sports arenas, drones are used in for security operations and surveillance. This is a crucial consideration for every sporting event. Stadiums and organizers are aware that drones are not only used to protect the crowd, but can also be used as instruments of terror. That is why the French deployed an anti-drone technology during the Euro 2016 games.

Drones can help enhance the experience of the viewers, athletes, and stakeholders alike as there are so many new and unique ways drones can be used. According to a PricewaterhouseCoopers report, drone racing will grow at a fast rate in the next few years and generate millions of dollars.

Drone Racing
The appeal to many is the huge range of locations that races can be held. For example, drone racing has taken place in an abandoned power station in New York. They have even been held at a Hollywood shopping mall. This versatility makes the game very appealing, as there are always new obstacles and new courses.  The variety of the locations alone will almost guarantee that no two races are exactly the same!

Notwithstanding the many restrictions and the varying levels of regulatory constraints across different legal jurisdictions, it is clear that drones in sports and sporting events offers huge commercial possibilities for teams and sports enthusiasts alike.

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