How to Be a Top Rated Seller Fiverr Internet / Make Money Online

Everyone who wants to succeed on Fiverr dreams of being a top rated seller. It’s not surprising since the top rated seller Fiverr offers gets more customers than those who have yet to reach this plateau. While it takes hard work, dedication, and persistence, you can improve your status and become top rated by following a few tips.

Look Over the Qualifications

You’ll notice that to become top rated on Fiverr means that you must meet certain qualifications that will take a little time. You will also have to meet certain thresholds before advancing to the next level, so focus on achieving them when you can so your journey to the top will be a relatively short one. The good news is that if your efforts are directed at the quality of your work, it will help you advance considerably.

Effective Communication

Another area that Fiverr considers in how you advance your ranking is the promptness of your communications with customers. If you can reply to all customer messages within a 24-hour period, that will help you achieve a top rating even faster. One helpful hint is to check your Fiverr messages the first thing in the morning and then in the evening right before you leave Fiverr for the day. That way, you’ll catch any message that might’ve slipped past you.

Faster is Better

If you are just starting out, you have yet to build up the reputation or top rated status needed to pull in customers. To overcome this issue, you will need to offer your services with a fast delivery time. You can check out the delivery times of others who are in your field, then beat it if you can by offering your services faster. Speed is important because people are more likely to try your services if they get the results quickly. Once you have built up your reputation, you can extend the delivery time of your gig.

Minimizing Mistakes

Even the best Fiverr sellers have a few negative reviews and have made mistakes from time to time. You are only human, so mistakes are going to happen. If a customer is dissatisfied with the service you provided and request changes, make the corrections needed as quickly as you can. Always be prompt and kind in your responses. If you do get a negative review, respond to it with your side of the story. Remember, not every customer can be pleased. Still, a few negative reviews should not be an issue if you have plenty of positive reactions to counterbalance them.

It Takes Time

Do not get frustrated that you cannot achieve top rated status quickly because Fiverr designed the system for you to build up your reputation on the site. Just be patient and persistent and you will achieve your goal before long.

The top rated seller Fiverr offers is someone who does excellent work, delivers on-time, communicates with their customers, and works hard to ensure excellent quality. All it takes is a little time and effort to reach top rated status if you embody these qualities on Fiverr.

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