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Not enough space for a new game or an application? It takes you forever to find the right app? Got lost in the phone book? It’s time to bring order to your Android-smartphone. Grab your Samsung smartphone or any other Android device that you have got and follow our recommendations. In just 10 minutes, your phone will be in perfect order.

Let’s go!

Distributing apps into folders

Obviously, the most commonly used software is better to be left on the home screen so that you have quick access to it. You can access your apps even faster if you put the most relevant applications’ icons near the right edge of the display (if you are right handed). But what to do if all the apps that you use do not fit on the main screen?

The answer is simple: create folders and distribute the apps into them. How to name such folders? There are several options. Applications can be grouped according to the purpose ( “Social networks”, “Readers”, “New Games”, etc.) titles ( «A-G», «H-N», «O-U», etc.), frequency of use (folders with the relevant software must be on the main screen and they must be named appropriately), and they can also be grouped according to the color of icons. The last option may be especially appealing to picture persons, as a result of such a sorting, the desktop will look nice and neat.

Freeing space from photos

For those who like to photograph everything and everyone, it is a real headache to have an archive of pictures consisting of a few gigabytes. Since we are putting things in order, you should transfer your entire gallery to the computer or a hard drive, because there is much more free space than in your smartphone.

Using a USB-cable is not obligatory because transferring of photos from your phone can be done via a wireless connection. Use an app called AirDroid: download it from Play Market, turn on Wi-Fi, scan the QR-code from the monitor and access the contents of your smartphone via a web interface or the special program.

Deleting text messages

It is worth paying attention to your SMS/MMS messages. It is necessary rather to maintain order in the phone than to clear the memory, because you are unlikely to free much space using this method.
Working with the “Share” function.

The standard menu of this function in Android works perfectly, the problem is that the list of applications is clogged with unnecessary items very rapidly unlike that on the iPhone. Out of the entire list, there can be only 2-3 options that are relevant for you, whereas the system does not ask you about the necessity of the rest and simply adds them to the menu.

In this case, the Andmade Share utility may come in handy. The program creates an alternative “Share menu, which outwardly is almost indistinguishable from the standard one. However, it is possible to choose both the sorting order of application and hide all irrelevant items from the list, and even share a file in multiple applications simultaneously.

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