How to Choose the Right Web Programming Language to Use Software

After the rise of technology in the past decades, the internet and the web is highly favorable. You should keep some points in mind before choosing your programming language for the development of web.

Before going into the discussion regarding the “preferable language for web programming”, let us clear the misconception headed in terms of their names. What comes into your mind, when someone talks of programing ? or programming language? Come let us have a brief about them.

Programming Language – a formal computer language designed in order to interact with the machines or to provide instructions to it. Its verbal meaning is simple, but the actual meaning what is depicted by it is, Programming language depicts the syntax and semantics i.e form and meaning. It can also be called notation for writing the programs(set of instructions).

Now when the meaning of the programming language is clear to you, this should be pretty visible that, There are no wrong programming languages. While choosing the language to code your set of instructions to the machines,  you should only consider the requirements to work and the result you want to obtain.

First you have to categorise your requirements. And they can be grouped as :

  • Know your server platform
  • Operating system
  • Budget
  • Software used by the servers
  • Database to be used at the backend

Usage of word “right language for web programming” would be unfair to other languages. There are no wrong languages, in terms of technology. If any programming language is  existing,then there must be some reason behind its writing.

With the rise of technology, communication has been improved by using the appropriate language. Chatting App Development  is now touching the skies of web & internet. This is only because they are result oriented. They know their purpose and hence chosen their programming language accordingly.

In terms of web development, certain questions might strike your head. We will concentrate on some questions you have to ask from yourself for determining the right web programming language to use.

  1. Purpose of programming
  2. Language giving less response time
  3. Popular these days
  4. Versatile language
  5. Platform on that you are working
  6. Front end VS back end


  • You should know if you are learning web programming for personal use and education or for your career? If you are having plan to pursue employment, invest time and money into learning the proper language.


  • Invest time and money.

Personal Use

  • Free and open-source.
  • Easy to learn.

Response time

  • This is the major factor that resides behind the selection of web programming language.
  • Second reason goes with your past experience or on which language your hands are set

I have figured out some sort of qualities for the three languages, they might help you in understanding my point


  • Object-oriented
  • Dynamic
  • Functional
  • Structured
  • Lots of libraries


  • syntax
  • Concise
  • Multi-paradigm
  • No compiler necessary
  • Ruby on Rails framework


  • Large community, lots of resources
  • Dynamic
  • Flexible environment

No programming language is right or wrong, only its purpose defines its worth. So next time if you get stuck in deciding the right web programming language, must keep these factors in mind.

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