How To Download YouTube Videos For Free Internet / Technology

Downloading videos from YouTube means you can watch videos on the best laptops or best tablets without an internet connection, which is perfect for entertainment when traveling by airplane, train and places without reliable 4G or Wi-Fi.

You can download them to your phone using your home Wi-Fi and watch them on the go without risking data distribution. If your mobile plan data has limited data, downloading videos is great.

Is it legal to download YouTube videos?

Downloading YouTube videos using third-party apps violates Youtube’s Terms of Service – This article states that you can only download videos from the YouTube server without uploading your open videos to potential copyright without the permission of the copyright holder. Infringement, it belongs to the public domain, or you own the video.

Download Youtube videos online using web tools

Youtube video download station: Downloader.Video , directly paste the URL of the YouTube video to download, you can choose to download according to the clarity level of the original video, in addition, Downloader.Video also supports Facebook, Twitter, Dailymotion, Vimeo, etc. More than ten mainstream websites have video downloads.

Youtube video

Download videos using YouTube Premium

If you have a YouTube premium subscription, you can enjoy a variety of benefits, including downloading videos for offline viewing without third-party software. You cannot use this YouTube, YouTube Music and YouTube Gaming app. Keep in mind that you can only watch downloaded videos using the app – you can’t move video files to other devices or watch them with other players.

Once you’ve successfully downloaded a video from YouTube, you can find it in the Library or Accounts tab. Start watching the video, then tap the Download button (gray arrow) below the player and select Quality.

Youtube video

You must be logged in to your account to watch the downloaded video, and you won’t be able to respond to videos with comments or likes while watching offline.

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