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Unfortunately, angry phone calls can and will be directed to any business. It may be through no fault of your own, but a customer can easily grow irate if they feel their needs have not been addressed. It may be a problem with a product they ordered or any service that your business provides not meeting their expectation, which will lead the customer to get angry and wish to take issue with you. In this case, what your business needs is a first line of defense – and this is where we can help.

Virtual receptionists are fully trained to know what to expect when it comes to an irate phone call. Not only will this take the pressure off you to deal with the problem internally, but having an experienced virtual receptionist deal with customer complaints can help keep the reputation of your business intact. We are going to list the ways the virtual receptionists can help your business by taking care of angry customers.

  1. Virtual Receptionists Are Fully Trained

Whilst you are busy focusing on other areas of business expansion, you do not need to worry about your customer service being taken care of when you hire a virtual receptionist’s services. These receptionists have been fully trained in all business phone call scenarios and will be especially allocated to your business focus area as well. Any disgruntled customer will want to hear some confidence on the other end of the phone, and you can be assured these virtual receptionists are provided with the most relevant training to deal with all potential issues.

  1. Virtual Receptionists Listen – Really Listen

Often when a customer is calling to complain, they just want to know that their issue will be dealt with. Often, the problem is that their message gets lost in anger, and then it is difficult to know how to resolve the issue, which makes the customer even more irate. The trick is to cut through the noise and tune into the real issue. Rather than hearing the complaint, the concern needs to be listened to. This is something virtual receptionists are fully equipped to deal with, who aim to quickly calm the customer down and deal with the core issues as quickly as possible.

  1. Virtual Receptionists Will Give a Sincere Apology on Your Behalf

An easy way to pacify customer complaints is to provide them with an honest apology. Even though the issue on hand may not be the responsibility of your business directly (such as a third-party shipping company causing a delay or damage to a delivery), the customer still wants to know that the company they chose to do business with takes their complaint seriously and will work towards a beneficial solution.

The first step in remediation process is to offer the customer an empathetic and sincere apology so that the issue can move forward. Even though virtual receptionists will not be working for you ‘in-house’, they certainly will be working on your behalf as an equal member of your team. Even if an unexpected chain of events leads to a sudden rise in customer complaints, these receptionists will be equipped to deal with it.

Companies like ReceptionHQ pride themselves on providing professionally-trained specialists to do the job. When they hire someone to work with them, they do not just allow anyone off the street, but they vet their candidates with a stern eye for customer service. These companies ensure that their receptionists are the best there is to offer in providing customer care, which means that when you use their services, you can be guaranteed of professional quality.

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