Hydraulic And Lubricating Oil Purification Business

Oil aging is accelerated by water and contamination particles that get into oil and act as catalysts. In addition, water in oil provokes corrosion. To avoid these negative developments, the oil is cleaned and purified.oilpurifier031

The sources of unwanted substances entering industrial oils can be very different. Water gets into oil at loose connections of the hydraulic system; mechanical impurities are particles of wear of metal surfaces, and dust gets from the environment. If no measures are taken with regard to contaminated oil, it will eventually lead to clogging and eventually to failure of the entire system. Breakages, exhausting repairs and downtime of technological equipment cost valuable time and money

One way is to replace contaminated oil with a new one. It is an expensive approach especially with the additional cost for utilization of used oil. Waste oil cannot be simply drained into reservoirs or into the ground. Such irresponsible behavior will cause problems with environmental services.

GlobeCore’s experience shows that regular cleaning of oil from water and harmful particles ensures a smooth operation of hydraulic and lubrication systems. The separators used to solve this problem have drawbacks, expressed in high energy intensity and in frequent cleaning of the drum. In addition, the obtained degree of purification doesn’t always meet the requirements.

A complex approach to cleaning hydraulic and lubricating oils involves several stages of filtration and thermal vacuum treatment. Such approach achieves instantaneous efficient removal of mechanical impurities, water, air and other harmful substances. This technology is implemented in GlobeCore CMM units. The units are stationary and mobile. Mobile oil purification unit is easier to move inside the workshop between hydraulic and lubrication systems.

The benefits of using such equipment are obvious. Firstly, it provides a long service life of bearings. Secondly, it provides effective equipment performance. Thirdly, it lowers costs on purchase of fresh oils and disposal of waste oil.

Remember that oil purification is a great tool to increase the efficiency of your production.

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