Keep Your Fitbit Charged So It’s Ready When You Are Health

The Fitbit has become a desirable product in a rather short time, especially among those who work out, run, or walk for exercise. The company produces activity trackers and wearable technology to measure data such as steps walked, heart rate, steps climbed, and even quality of sleep. The Fitbit Tracker was the first out of the gate from the San Francisco-based company.

The company originally marketed itself a company that focused on consumer electronics, but management has recently altered this view a bit to become a digital healthcare company. One of the first products offered under the Fitbit name was the Tracker. It was designed to clip onto clothing to be worn around the clock. The device sensed user movement and information was displayed on the LED display.

Staying Charged

The device was charged in the same wireless base that received data from the Tracker. This information could be uploaded to a computer where the company website could be used without charge. Other products, both upgrades and new designs, have been introduced in the last few years with the Fitbit Ultra announced in 2011. This upgrade included an altimeter, digital clock, and a stopwatch. The design met with some problems due to shape.

The company also introduced the Fitbit One in 2012 as an update to the Ultra. The display was improved and a different way to clip the device on was designed. In the same year consumers had access to the Zip, a less-expensive product that tracked only steps taken, distance travelled, and calories burned. About a year later, the company sent the Fitbit Flex into the world. It was designed to be worn on the wrist and was meant to track activity 24 hours a day.

A few months later, the corporation announced the Force. This product tracked a range of statistics in real time. A number of customers developed skin irritation due to allergic reactions to nickel. The Force was recalled after a short time on the market. The Fitbit Charge was announced as the replacement for the Force. The company continued to introduce new products throughout 2016 with the Surge, the Aria, the Alta, and the Blaze. This last product is quite similar to the modern smart watch.


As with all of the designs and upgrades through the years, it is essential that the Fitbit device remains charged in order to deliver accurate information. Fortunately, there are reliable suppliers who offer Fitbit charger products and replacement items to keep you on the move. For example, the Flex charger is on sale at a greatly reduced price, as are replacement charge cables for the Force and Surge.

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