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Creating an online business and a suitable highly rewarding business model is seriously a humongous task. So what do users look when investing in a business? The promise of assured monetary rewards in a very consistent manner. Now MavWealth brings to game field an investment plan that despite a win or loss on an online bid placed by the investor will make you money by one or the other means. So here is the investment approach with a twist to pay you to win or lose.

By now you are aware that to win your reverse auction bid on ecurrency at MavWealth, you need to make sure your bid satisfies these two conditions:

  • Condition 1 The most unique bid
  • Condition 2 The lowest bid


Yes but the victory of a bid is little more than this at times, it needs a little bit of luck. But worry not, that’s where the win – win investment model of MavWealth helps you achieve your financial freedom. The process to get started is quite simple. So you have two approaches and 4 ways to earning with MavWealth – the world’s first E-currency reverse auction site.

  • Approach 1 Join – Invest – Play – Win – Earn.
  • Approach 2 Join – Invest – Refer – Win – Earn.

Earnings Explained:

1. Bid wins – Make a unique and lowest bid on the ecurrencies available and win more 10X.

2. Daily Cashback – Make at least 1 daily bid and you will earn up to 2% on your initial investment.

3. Direct income – Refer more and earn more. By increasing your direct joiners you will earn up to 15% on the package purchased by your referral.

4. Binary income – Join and refer people to join. You will earn an additional guaranteed binary income up to 15% from your affiliates. We follow a 1:1 ratio for binary compensation.
So with MavWealth, your investment is assured to return your money with or without a bid win. All you got to do is join the bidding war, make an investment, make a bid, win the bid and earn your bid wins plus, and added keep referring people and keep earning via the other modes.

Binary income

Now that you know the process to win with Mav Wealth, become a game changer is to inspire entrepreneurs and business owners with our product. The moment you decide to play you become more than just a gamer. Don’t wait, SIGN-IN with your SOCIAL LOGIN and earn 10 FREE bid points to get you started. Visit for more info.

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