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Are you looking for a platform where you can get all the technological products that you desire? Microzu has definitely got you covered because it is a technology company that deals with e-commerce products and services. It also has retail locations from where you can get whatever you are looking for.

Microzu presents the concept of H-commerce, H-commerce is the further advancement of e-commerce. H-commerce is basically online, offline and even mobile commerce onto one company that is technology-focused. This concept is fairly new yet very helpful and convenient for the consumers.

Microzu being an advanced yet convenient company focuses upon cloud computing, big data, blockchain, open ledger, artificial intelligence and H-commerce. Along with these being the main focus, the company have five main categories which are E-commerce provider, AI and cloud solutions, warehouse or showroom of consumer smart products, virtual warehouse marketplace, smart applications and digital services. Whenever you plan on getting a specific gadget or a specific service, make sure to check out microzu because it has covered quite a few aspects of technology in its categories.


If you intend to get an all-in-one cloud server or storage or router then there is no better choice than the Y-box. Microzu’s premiere technology is reflected in the form of Y-box. It not only is a cloud server but it is a combination of storage, firewall hub, Tv-box and veen Wi-Fi extender. The unique thing about Y-box, which makes it distinct from many products is that it has an encrypted solo gateway accessible only by the individual’s gadget which could be a laptop, a tablet, an iPhone or any other.

Most of the hardware that you may get, you are fearful that it could cause security threats, it may get hold of sensitive information or your personal information. However, with Y-box, there are no doubts like that because it has preloaded security application which makes sure that the consumers get a safe yet smart living.

Microzu has been able to create more than 14 products belonging to different categories that they offer, so far. Y-box is one of their innovative creation which is tested by their expert team and they also keep researching for more convenient, innovative and unique products.

Some of the ways that the company generates revenue include the electronic commerce orders that the company receives by the consumers, the company also has retail showroom walk-in sales where the people can get hold of the products that they really like, the wholesale accounts also add to the generation of revenue, the company also excels in providing smart living or home services and also generates revenue through it, Artificial Intelligence and cloud solutions are two other things that contribute to the revenue generation of the company.


Microzu aims at providing the consumers with the most convenient experience, some of the goals that they have are:

  1. Having retail locations or go-to places where the consumers or buyers can stop by and get the desired products at a reasonable price.
  2. Becoming the leader of an electronic showroom or retail locations so people can have best buys.
  3. Becoming the online/offline go-to reseller prefer partners.
  4. Making field engineers and making sure that the support is provided to the experts in smart living technologies.
  5. Becoming one of the most reputable companies with reliable and safe products for buyers or consumers.

The products that microzu is creating aim to be compatible with all operating systems and communication carriers. Microzu is a company which not only focuses upon the convenience of the users and buyers but also focuses upon their safety. The products that are created by this company are fully reliable and safe to use.

Microzu jus like any other bug company started at a low level by selling compute parts but now it has been able to create its own innovative products for the users. Microzu is putting in all efforts to further improve the quality of products and services so that the people can get benefit from it. Specially, the research and development department of the company is excelling buy coming up with innovative ideas. Microzu started off small yet it has grown greatly through the years.


Microzu is an AI eCommerce Platform and Smart Home/life Technology Physical Stores real-time sync by better online and offline shopping.

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