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Today we’re looking at the Moto XIII play this is Motorola’s newest smartphone and it’s their mid-range phone of 2018 now this phone costs $500 which puts it right against the 1 plus 6 which costs 530 dollars so that phone has a nicer processor nicer design arguably a better camera. So why would you buy this phone over the 1 plus 6 well two reasons in America this phone works on all major networks whereas the 1 plus 6 only works on AT&T, and t-mobile for now so basically people on Verizon and Sprint. You probably won’t want to go for this if your budget is in that 500 I’ll arrange the other advantage is battery life with the $500 you get a power pack moto mod which adds battery life to your phone basically making it last the whole weekend. So if battery life is your priority this phone is definitely worth the look let’s dive in the motives need to replay it feels like an average high-end smartphone. It’s got Gorilla Glass 3 on the front in the back and it’s got aluminum edges on the frame and it’s curved as well so it feels comfortable to hold in the hand one of the first things you’ll notice is how thin it is at just six point seven five millimeters. It’s not as thin as last year’s model but it is thinner than most phones out there we’ll get to why it’s so thin but first what we don’t like is this giant ugly camera mod it sticks out and it’s the first thing that touches the table when you let it down which works us a little but thankfully there is a way to fix it. And that’s what this is here for these are pogo pins and they’re all have to do with this moto mod stuff that we have in the back these moto mods are something that Motorola has been doing for the past three years.

This is the third generation moto Z device as talked in Mobiles Blog so basically, you can add these motor mods magnetically and it enhances their function or enhance the phone this is just a simple style shell mod. So would add some flair but as you notice the good thing is that it does get rid of this camera bump so now the camera sits flush on the back so that’s one way to help things. This I believe is the wireless charging mod so all it does is add some wireless charging but you still get rid of that camera bump and now you can place this on a wireless charging pad. And charge your phone there are plenty of other mods and they all range from different prices, for example, this is a 360 camera mod that enables you to take 360-degree photos. The good thing is you don’t really need to add any additional software all the time you can just jump right into your normal camera app and it suddenly switches to this 360 camera app. You can even go live on Facebook with this and some of our other favorites include the hassle bad camera mod which lets you take optical zoom photos and our personal favorite is this speaker mod which is really handy when you say go to the beach and you want to play some tunes crank that volume up. We like the speaker ones because they add so much versatility say when you want to take instead of a Bluetooth speaker you can just take these but again that’s one of the problems with doing mods is that you do have to carry them around.

If you want to add added functionality and of course some of these other ones like the speaker mods, the gamepad mod, the Alexa mod these can sometimes be quite expensive in addition to the cost of the phone. So the mods shaped the design of the phone so Motorola has had to keep this sort of same style and size of the phone. So that these mods would fit on every iteration so that’s why they were a little limited in what they could do but what they did do is they reduce the bezels on the front of the phone which basically enabled them to create more screen space. While still enabling the same size for these moto months so now instead of last year’s model which was a 5.5 inch screen as we talk about it in Mobiles Blog you have a 6.0 1 inch screen so much larger screen some more screen real estate with a similar smallish body a power button here is on the left side and is textured and the volume rocker buttons are here. They’ve actually also moved the fingerprint sensor from being down here to the side and we found it to be pretty accessible and works pretty well there is no headphone jack but there is a USB C port at the bottom and you do get a USB C 2 3.5 millimeter headphone adapter in the box. The only downside I think is the speaker so this is the only speaker on the phone and it can be a little difficult to listen to music or sound. Basically if you don’t have one of these mods so it’s not the best if you’re say playing music outside it’s okay for indoor use but that’s something we’d like to see what all improve in the next version. I like the design the thinness feels nice but it’s not as comfortable with the style shell on and still while I like this design this just doesn’t seem to be anything too special with it other than the fact that of course you can add all these mods to the Moto Z through Play.

It’s a 6.0 1 inch AMOLED display it’s colorful and it has inky blacks the resolution is 2160 by 1080p and we found it to be incredibly sharp. It does get it pretty bright though you need to crack it to the max especially when you’re outdoors so that you can see the screen too. We did better powered by the Snapdragon 636 but four gigs of RAM it’s not gonna perform as well as a phone with the Snapdragon 85 like the Oneplus 6 or the Galaxy S nine. Still we had almost no problems running our daily tasks on this phone moving through the OS feels fluid and smooth. We only notice tap occasional stutter playing some graphics intensive games, we were more than satisfied with both performance and we think you will be too there’s 32 gigs of on-board storage but there is a 64 gig model that’s slightly more expensive. There is a micro SD card slot though so you can always add more the software is Android 8.1 Oreo and it’s very close to stock Android. There’s hardly any extra flourishes here that Motorola has added except for some things like the Moto app which has those traditional moto actions for example.

Some of our favorites include twisting the phone twice to launch the camera or chopping the phone twice to launch the flashlight. Chop that back there’s a couple more that you can see for example we can put the phone facedown to go into do not disturb mode and before trying more things check out Gadgets Blog. There’s also things like motor display which is basically the access to the neck display which turns on the blue light filter and things like motive display which is the lock screen that sort of pops up when there’s notifications. So it’s not always turning on your screen but it sort of glances in and out when you have any notifications. There’s also a motive voice and it’s basically a way to interact with your voice and your phone so that in case you don’t want to really use your hand we haven’t really found a need to use it and you always can access Google assistant to more or less do the same things.


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