Protecting Yourself from Microwave Radiation Health

Advancement in technology has brought about significant improvements in communication.  Today it is almost impossible to do without a mobile phone.  Mobile phones transmit electromagnetic waves of high frequency through its antenna. Cell phones transmits microwave which are defined as waves between a frequency of 300Mhz – 3000GHz. Aires Technologies offers microwave radiation protection devices tested, verified and approved in independent medical and scientific facilities. Microwaves can be harmful to the human body; they can damage the embryonic and reproductive system of the body and affect the immune system too.

Follow the tips below to minimize the risks caused by microwave radiation when using your cell phones;

  • Opt for licensed mobile phones that have microwave radiation protection
  • Desist from placing your mobile phones around your waist to prevent damage to internal organs
  • Avoid using your mobile phones frequently, use them only when necessary e.g. during travels. Stick to a telephone line instead.
  • Mobile phones can cause more damage to users who are children, pregnant women or women in their period because of the variation in their body temperature. These users should avoid using mobile phones.
  • Keep your phone as far from your ear as possible when making a call because electromagnetic wave emissions are greatly increased when you are on a call.
  • Use a phone speaker or a headset if you cannot avoid making long calls to reduce the harmful effects of electromagnetic waves

Radiation is simply the release of energy. We are surrounded by different radiations, radiation from; our phones, the sun, computers, microwave ovens and other household appliances. There are two types of radiation;

  • Ionizing radiation
  • Non-ionizing radiation

Ionizing radiations like X-rays can cause an atom to be positively charged by removing tightly bound electrons from them. They are known to have less serious adverse effects; they can however cause significant damage if there is a high degree of exposure to the body.

Non-ionizing radiation on the other hand do not have sufficient energy to remove electrons from an atom, instead it can only move the atoms within a molecule. A microwave oven used to head food emits non-ionizing radiations hence they can only cause food particles to move but they cannot change the chemical composition of food.

When a food is heated in a microwave oven, the water molecules in the food absorb the radiation from the microwave which causes it to vibrate and produce heat via friction. This is the heat that cooks the food and it passes through the food easily. This explains why a microwave oven heats food faster than normal gas cookers .Since gas cookers heats via conduction, food cooks more slowly compared to microwave ovens.

We are constantly exposed to radiations and the risk associated with them in our everyday lives. However just as we cannot completely avoid travelling because of cases of fatal accidents, we cannot also eliminate the use of some appliances that emits radiation, especially microwave radiation. Still deliberate steps should be taken to mitigate some of the risk associated with exposure to radiation.



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