Schedule Tweets from RSS Feeds with DripFeed Internet / Social Media

Sending blog updates to social media is a time intensive task. The investment in efforts and time needed to send regular updates to Twitter from RSS feeds just got reduced by’s Dripfeed Application. You can schedule updates from a RSS feed once and the tweets will follow by.

With DripFeed you can schedule tweets from a RSS feed spanning over single or multiple pages. You can set updates to start again once all posts have been sent to twitter by setting the “rotate posts” option. This way you can tweet old posts too and get most out of Blog.

Here we will see how to schedule tweets from a single page RSS. Find below a few examples of RSS feeds.


Find below steps to schedule tweets from RSS Feed by DripFeed.

Login to DripFeed

You will login to Dripfeed Application with twitter credentials. Start at


Add Your RSS Feed

Once you are logged to the Dripfeed Application you will be taken to “Add Feed” Page.


Feed Name – Is Name of your Feed and is for your reference only. Give a name you can remember.

RSS URL – Is the RSS Feed URL of your Blog In most cases for your blog it is in the format

Page – This is 1 for both “Page from” and “Page to” options as we are scheduling single page RSS Feed.

Scheduled RSS Feed Adjustments

Check for New Posts – Select an appropriate option every 5 minutes, 1 hour, every 6 hours etc.

Rotation – Rotation means once all the Posts from the RSS feed are posted, do you want to resend again from the beginning.

As your RSS feed gets updated with new articles all the time in most cases you will want to set it to “Rotate Posts” to let it do the work with less intervention.

For Single Page RSS Feeds we recommend to keep “check for new posts” to every 24 hours unless your blog has more than 10 articles published each day.

If you are posting 10+ new articles everyday you can keep the frequency of posting higher as needed.

After you have filled above options, you are ready to see a “Preview of Tweet” as all other options are not mandatory and you can leave them to their defaults for now.

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