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Singapore has always been a nation dedicated to building up their infrastructure, building up their business sector, improving their educational systems and programs, and making sure that they are always poised to take advantage of next generation technology before almost everyone else – and news out of Singapore shows that they are serious about investing heavily in robotics and artificial intelligence going forward.

According to a new report, the government of Singapore is ready to invest $45 million a year to two different laboratories in the Defense Science and Technology Agency and the DSO National Laboratory organization, with all of these funds earmarked to go towards next generation defense technologies that make the most of robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

While the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) is certainly nowhere near the world’s largest military by any stretch of the imagination, it most definitely is one of the most advanced militaries on the planet because of major investments like this.

Understanding that modern militaries are driven primarily by new technological breakthroughs, the government of Singapore recognizes that a growth in military membership is nowhere near as important or offers as much leverage as a major growth in new technologies that improve the efficiency of this defense force going forward.

These new laboratories are going to be working hand-in-hand with worldwide leaders in prototyping, iteration, and simulation to make sure that the next generation of robotics and AI are taken advantage of by the SAF. Already collaborating with allied militaries and private-sector organizations as well, the robotics industry in Singapore is booming at lightning like speed and new developments in artificial intelligence are being explored every single day.

Amazing breakthroughs have already happened, and the SAF put some of these new developments on full display during the last National Day Rate. Illustrating for the people of Singapore – as well as the rest of the world – the capabilities of their new “Defense Net”, the SAF showed new technology that helps them effectively counteract drone attacks with amazing precision and accuracy.

It is widely believed all over the defense industry that the next big breakthrough in war fighting and defense is going to come in the robotics and artificial intelligence realm. Augmented “battle suits” will provide soldiers with skills and capabilities (not to mention weapons platforms) unlike anything we have ever seen, and drone programs all over the world are starting to show us just how advanced artificial intelligence program can be for identifying enemy combatants and neutralizing them effectively while minimizing collateral damage.

At the end of the day, it will be very interesting to see the potential that the SAF is able to leverage with these new investments in both of these critical areas of technology. Major improvements in either of these fields, but especially major improvements in both of these fields, could yield tremendous leverage going forward that simply wouldn’t have been available otherwise.

The world is paying close attention to everything that Singapore is doing when it comes to these new defense technologies.

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