Taking Magento Development To Your Favour Design and Development

 You may have heard quite a lot about Magento, especially with the spread of e-commerce activities around the world. The fact is that Magento is widely acknowledged as the best platform for e-commerce development. Since its launch back in March 2008, it has undergone many changes with a view to accommodating many demand and needs of the specific industries such as the e-commerce. The best part is it is an open source platform (Magento Community edition) and Magento experts around the world thus seamlessly contribute to its growth.

Therefore, the process of Magento development can be termed as a spontaneous endeavour that people from across the geographies bring to the table. You should know here that it is written in PHP and its development process began somewhere in 2007.

Why Magento development:

  • Dedicated to e-commerce: Unlike other platforms such as the Drupal, WordPress, and Joomla (that are primarily the platforms meant for content management system), Magento is solely dedicated to the e-commerce development.
  • Easy integration: In the process of developing e-commerce sites, one has to deal with a huge number products and quantities. Thus, an integration between those products and its’ respective parameters poses a tough challenge. You will be happy to know that Magento extensible API gives you the flexibility to connect with multiple apps. This comes handy to a number of activities befitting the nature of e-commerce business such as the payment gateways, shipping and tracking of goods in transit, and the web analytics.       
  • Free to choose the hosting server: This is yet another important milestone that can be achieved with the Magento development services. Magento Go (Magento Enterprise version) gives you the freedom of choosing your independent server along with the other benefits of Magento Community edition (that is an open source platform). In other words, Magento is a unique platform for the e-commerce to bank on it for the years to come.   
  • Fast and reliable: In today’s term, time is money. Besides, with the change in lifestyle and the workplace pressure, the free time among the couples or the individuals has potentially gone down. In many a case, they find solace with the online ventures with a view to fulfilling their everyday needs. As a matter of fact, people are becoming restless further everyday and they don’t spend more than a second to get to the site in a fully uploaded and operational condition.

All those put together indicates that your ecommerce site must be the real fast to increase the traffic and close sales. Magento gives you the benefits like the fast data retrieval and query processing easily.     

  • SEO friendliness: SEO is the abbreviation for search engine optimisation. It is important to mention here that Google enjoys huge popularity in the search engine business and close to 78% market share it controls in the US. Therefore, the launch of Google algorithms like Google Panda, Google Hummingbird, and Google Penguin have changed the rule of the game here. Magento is SEO friendly and it goes many miles rewarding your business.  

Therefore, take the Magento development to your favour and run the business with flying colours.

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