The Five Essential Things You Must Know About an ELD Technology

ELD or Electronic Logging Device records a particular vehicle’s parameters via its synchronization to the engine. It enables entries associated with a driver’s RODs or record of duty statuses for strictly complying with prevalent regulations. Take a close look at the below-mentioned pointers.

Can electronic logging devices be used on any wireless gadget or smartphones?

According to top-notch professionals setting diverse log rules, an ELD could most surely be utilized on smartphones as well as wireless gadgets but only if the latter could meet the former’s technical specifications that include being capable of accessing data from a particular vehicle’s engine. A portable electronic logging device is generally installed in a definite position so that drivers could easily view it while operating their cars or trucks. Researches have effectually manifested that GPS-enabled cell phones can never properly record distances but only a gadget listed as well as certified by FMCSA would be considered compliant.

What are the major requirements of an E?LD rule

There are four major requirements that people must take into account when it comes to an ELD rule.
Commercial drivers use electronic logging device to prepare record of duty statuses (RODs) and hours of service (HOS).

Setting ELD design standards and performance in accordance with FMCSA protocols.

Establishing exactly what type of supporting documents carriers and drivers must always keep with themselves.

Prohibiting persecution of drivers based upon information gathered by connected ELD technology or other fleet management systems. This particular rule also applies if a driver thinks he or she has been harassed in the past.

How does an ELD save drivers’ money and time?

As per the assumptions specified by FMCSA in its regulatory impact evaluation for the ELDs, a driver could not only save substantial amounts of time but enough money as well. $487 for filling RODs, $56 for submitting RODs, $120 for filing RODs , and $42 for removing the log books. Thus, $705 is saved in just a year.

When ELD rule went into effect?

Highly competent and adequately experienced specialists who is involved with fleet vehicle tracking management said that the ELD rule went into effect on 18th December 2017 unless the drivers are making use of grandfathered AOBRD.
A grandfathered AOBRD could be loosely defined as a device that a motor carrier needs to install and implement. It should also meet needs of 49.CFR 395.15. Grandfathered AOBRDs could be used up to 16th December 2019.

Who needs to comply with an ELD rule?

The ELD rule can be applied to almost all motor carriers and drivers but there are few exceptions that you must remember.
Drivers who can function under short haul can continue utilizing timecards.
Drivers who make use of paper logs for at least eight days out of a one month.
Drivers operating power units which is a part of tow away shipment.
Drivers who are towing or driving recreational vehicles.

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