The Next Big Pixel: Pixel 2 Computer

If planning and thinking about a good phone has mattered a lot, then the wait is probably over. It can rely on the “next big thing” as it is being called. The promising makers of the world are back with yet another superb and amazing thing again. The Google Pixel 2 is profoundly being rumored to be the next big thing and is going to be the next launch of the company.

Google has always come up with phones that have the latest features and technologies in them. The Google Pixel 2 will be adorned with the latest features too. Coming up with the very recent and latest version of android and the most updated version, Google Pixel 2 will be on the top notch soon. The phone will be installed with the latest version of android nougat and this in itself has become news.

For storage, Google always provides ample facilities. The Google Pixel 2 will have a RAM of 4 GB and that to an expandable memory of almost 64 GB. This fact has been fascinating and attractive throughout.

There are many times we see something really wonderful and have a feeling of capturing it as a lifetime achievement but what we fail in is, taking a good picture. Either we do not have good phones or the quality of the camera in our phones is not of mark. But with the Google Pixel 2 the story takes a turn. This big thing is manufactured with a camera as strong as 16 megapixels at the back that can take real good pictures in the well-lit and even in low areas.

For the people who like to click selfie, the Google Pixel 2 proves to a friend as a blessing. It has a front camera of 5 megapixels and can take mind blowing selfies at any time and thus clicking the pictures and not finding the self in them would become a taboo.

Coming to the point of the design of the model, it has a display as big as 5.2 inches and the display having a full HD view. The outer body of the Google Pixel 2 is made of a newly formed alloy of magnesium that is actually made lighter and better. This material also helps in making the phones cover a non-slippery one and thus makes the grip of the hand facilitates in holding it safely.

From the safety angle, Google has looked on to a lot of points and has come up with new and improved things at every step. The Google Pixel 2 is made with a new variety of glass. This new glass is called Turtle glass. This glass is believed to be tougher than the normally used corning gorilla glass and hence takes more number of points in protection of the phone.

The Google Pixel 2 Is planned to be made with a non-removable battery of 3000 Mah that will have super-fast charging capacity. This makes it a phone that would acquire a lot of charge in less time.

Google Pixel 2 is the most recent flagship model of the company. The makers have high hopes on the phone and hope that it would reach the top most limits.

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