The Professional Scrum Product Owner – The Crux of Scrum Business

Agile methodologies have now been popular in the field of software development for a long time, and the trend shows no sign of stopping. Companies are now constantly on the lookout for some capable professionals, who can practice what Scrum preaches. Scrum Product Owners are extremely important for any company where Scrum is implemented and is one of the most lucrative career options if you are in the industry.

What are the benefits of Scrum?

Flexibility is key in the software industry, and a key feature of Scrum too. In many cases, the product continues developing in the wrong manner simply because it can be expensive to change it up entirely.

However, in the case of Scrum, it is easy to make quick changes owing to the use of Sprints.

Since Scrum features Sprints extensively, the risk factor associated with it reduces considerably. This is because any changes to be made can be made earlier, and a complete overhaul after release is not necessary. 

With the use of Sprints to set timelines and implementable systems by the end of sprints, you get the chance to incorporate the feedback from the clients quickly.  

If there are any problems which occur during development, they will be evident in the testing phase after each sprint too. 

Who is the PSPO?

The PSPO is accountable for the product itself – that is why he is called the Product Owner. He is answerable to the stakeholders involved and has to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

The PSPO has the final say when it comes to the product backlog. He is in charge of ordering PBIs in the backlog, keeping in mind the value of the PBI and the dependencies between them. He also has to consider the dependencies of other products when he makes these decisions. 

The PSPO ensures that the most valuable functionality in the product is always the end goal of the stakeholders involved. The development team may not know what that is, and the client may not be sure about what provides the most business value. The PSPO, therefore, acts as a link so as to ensure relay of information. 

In order to get the pulse of the market, he releases the product after some Sprints so that it can be fine-tuned better.

What is PSPO Training?

PSPO Course is essentially a two-day program which is carried out by to groom Product Owners for the Scrum methodology. The certificates are offered by, so they have great credibility amongst the companies who are looking for professional practitioners.


The course covers topics like Agile Product management, the Scrum Framework, and release management over the two days. Also, value-driven movement and the scrum principles and the empiricism associated with it are covered along the way. The certification has two levels – PSPO I signifies an intermediate understanding of Scrum fundamentals, while the PSPO II reflects an advanced understanding and experience in Scrum.

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