The Value Of Impact Key Data Logger Internet

A Data logger can also be seen as a data recorder. This is a highly calibrated electronic device that is used to record data in a location over time.  Impact Data loggers are built with a sensor instrument. Impact Data logger is highly calibrated measuring devices for any demanding measurement. This application comes with authoritative and most highly comprehensive data acquisition software. Data loggers come with a standard analog sensor input and this great calibrated sensor input connectors’ help in configuring it easily. It is highly used on a digital processor. Impact Data loggers are ideal for various uses and applications, such as:

  • Hydrographic recording station for measurement of water level, shock, water pH and Water flow
  • Gas pressure station
  • Weather station for measurement of temperature and humidity
  • View real-time date and frequency analysis
  • Measure dynamic and static acceleration
  • Road traffic station for counting
  • Cold chain logistics
  • Road racing
  • Wildlife reserve research
  • Offshore buoys
  • Motor/vehicle testing
  • Pharmaceutical company

How to Apply

Impact Data loggers come fully built. They are small and portable with a microprocessor memory for the sensor and storage. And it is also battery powered.


Category:   Measurement/Calibration

Resolution: 24-bit conversion rate

Cold junction: 0.20C

Excitation: 10V DC standard fitted excitation supply. Sensor supply include pressure transducers, load cells, LVDTs and others

Accuracy: 2 LSB

Inputs: Ranging from 8-32 sensor inputs

Display: 4 x 20 large LCD

Memory capacity: 16000 reading memory and option of over 4 million reading capacity.

Data Security: non-volatile internal memory data storage

Sensor: 10mV – 10V DC, LVDT, strain, Pressure, etc.

Clock: Lithium backed clock

Logging Interval: comes with an independent time base that automatically reads when each channel starts and stops

Communication: RS232 computer port and a high-speed USB for data download. Wireless Bluetooth and RS485 interface for long-range communications (optional)

Dimensions: 120mm x 350mm x 263mm

Software: Suitable for Window 98SE, XP and Vista

Computer software: local keypad and display control with password protection

Other Features

Impact Data logger is fully fitted with comprehensive data acquisition software and it comes in the various version of 8, 16, 24, and 32 impact data loggers. This impact data logger software is user-friendly and helps to handle all your download, reviewing, archiving and exportation of the information directly to your desired computer or PC. The exported or recorded data can be transferred directly in an excel spreadsheets format or as a CSV (comma separated variable) file.

One other unique feature of this impact data logger is its graphical user interface that gives a real-time data display of all events and channels. It also comes with an inbuilt annunciated high and low alarm function. All exported dataset can easily be printed and reviewed in graphical format.

Impact Data logger indicator at a glance.

Impact data loggers give the most accurate measurement. It comes with a comprehensive data software package, sensor inputs, highly calibrated routines, and they are easy to configure.  They are available in 8, 16, 24 and 32 channels.

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