These Are The 3 Most Common Mistakes Made By Amazon Sellers With Their Inventory Business / Technology

You know how some people sell in various e-commerce stores and ship the inventory from their warehouse to another warehouse so that items can be sold by these online sites such as amazon and eBay? Well, if you happen to be a brand new seller in these types of websites, you need to be aware of the fact that, some mistakes will be made.

Since I want to make your life a bit easier, I want to help you in avoiding these very common mistakes so, in this article I will show you which those mistakes are so that you can avoid them at all costs!

1.Using the wrong SKU when creating shipments

This is where inventory reconciliation and warehouse inventory management gets a bit tricky! How can you even keep track of what you have in Amazon when you have an item registered in your system with one sku and you actually used a different one to ship the item to amazon?

A way you can solve this is by opening a case in amazon but, you might need to adjust the item and lose some money thanks to that mistake.

2.Mistyping the number of units to be sent in these shipments

This is another very common mistake and it is amazing how such a tiny mistake can cost you lots of money depending on the item. You might send a bigger number or smaller of units than the ones you input in amazon.

I honestly do not think there are that many problems when you send more than what you said the problem in this case you would need to make an inventory adjustment but, problem is when the seller receives fewer units than what you said you sent.

So, you need to always be keeping track of your inventory by comparing your shipments with the units you have billed in your system to make sure everything is matching.

3.Using the wrong tracking number in these shipments

This can especially happen if you are creating a shipment manually. But honestly, I think this is a mistake that is hardly made but, that doesn’t mean that it cannot happen right? We are only human!

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