Tips for Making Better Videos for YouTube Marketing Technology

People and businesses make YouTube videos for everything: to give coding tutorials, entertain, give political commentary, to promote products, etc. According to, there are nearly 5 billion number of videos viewed on YouTube every single day.

With so much competition, how can you expect anyone to ever view your videos? How can you ever achieve success with video marketing?

Here are some tips to help you make better, higher quality videos for YouTube marketing purposes:

Work on improving the sound – Audio is just as important as video. Lousy sound equals a lousy video. One way to get higher quality audio is to use an external microphone. A built-in camera or PC microphone is not nearly good enough for professional marketing videos. created a post for the “top 10 best microphones” Youtubers use.

Avoid shaky footage at all costs – Seriously. No matter what it takes, stabilize that camera. Anything that keeps the camera from shaking will improve the viewing experiences considerably. There are a few options for keeping it stabilized: the use of a tripod, a steadycam, or some other type of stabilizing device that will allow you to walk around with the camera without getting shaky footage.

Work on improving your editing skills – Take advantage of editing software and its capabilities. You can even learn to control Youtube video with Javascript (programming courses are available at Austin Coding Academy). Add neat intros and outros to each video, which include a logo to remind viewers to viewers to perform the call to action.

Speaking of which, create a clear call to action – Use a “call to action overlay” to make a make a small ad appear at the bottom of the player during the clip or when it has ended. It’s used to remind viewers to do a particular task, whether it’s to follow you, give your video a thumbs up, click on a link to visit your site, and so forth. It’s important to use these overlays correctly. Don’t add them just for the sake of having them. Each and every overlay should serve a specific purpose. It’s perfectly ok to add a humorous one here and there at certain points of the video to get the viewer to laugh.

Come up with a great title – Even if you do invest money in a quality camera, microphone, video editing software and Javascript training, it won’t do you any good if people can’t even find your video or find the title compelling enough to click on. The ideal title will be creative and to the point. It’s recommended that you stick to 50-60 characters, even though you can go up to 100. Use a keyword or two to describe what the video is and how it will benefit the viewer for watching it.It helps to use numbers too, like “top 5” or “10 reasons why…..”

Use the right preview thumbnail – You’ll get a few options presented to you. You could also upload a custom thumbnail if you know how to make them. Whatever you do, do NOT choose an awkward moment in the video. If the purpose or message of the video can be summed up in one single screenshot, use THAT as the default thumbnail.

A post on explains that “visual content has never been more popular”. NOW is the time to improve your video creation and editing skills. Good luck!

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