Top 10 Ways For Small Businesses To Find New Clients Online Business

Finding new customers online for your small business is not an easy task. With so many competitors online, you need to device unique and multiple ways to attract new customers. Generally, the idea is to locate where your potential customers are and reach out to them. This is entirely what online marketing is all about.

10 ways to find new clients online

1.     Look for discussion boards

Where are people talking about topics related to your business niche? Online discussion boards are like bulletin boards whereby people post their questions and inquiries and other members provide answers to them. Find the thread related to your business and provide expert answers to them. More so, share your professional knowledge and give others reason to look for your business. Link your contributions to strategic pages on your business website for further reading.

2.     Start a blog

Blogs are a free and effective way to drive free traffic to your website. Likewise, it helps to demonstrate your knowledge to your target market. Generally, when you post relevant and valuable contents on your website, people will recognize this and want to follow your idea. More so, it is a way to build relationships with your existing clients. Especially if your blog or small business website design is SEO-optimized, you have an advantage of raking high on search results and consequently gaining more readers-turn-clients.

3.     Set up a Facebook page

Regardless of what you think, if your target market is using these platforms, you need to be at the party too. You will discover that most of your competitors are using Facebook page so why not you? Launch a Facebook page and connect with your market. Let the public know what you offer and the reason they need to transact with you. Include the link to your page on your website to ensure that your clients connect with you.

4.     Use Twitter

You will be amazed at the number of clients you will gain by connecting your twitter to your blog and Facebook page. Twitter makes it to concisely reach your clients and the general public on the latest development in your business. Likewise, it helps you build a close and intimate relationship with your clients and bring your business to the doorstep of potential clients.

5.     Referrals

After offering an excellent service to a client, don’t only stay at getting maximum customer feedback from them. Instead, proceed to ask that they refer their friends who may need your service. In fact, offer to give them a commission or discount on every person they refer as “thank you”. You don’t need to break the bank on this, of course. You only need to cut back a fraction of your profit. Another further step is to go into affiliate marketing where you pay bloggers for every client they refer to you.

Often, referral system is an amazing way to grow and develop your business up to the stage whereby you have enough regular client base. It may require that you cut back a fraction of your profit but the outcome is always worth it.

6.     Special Offers

Special offers may include anything from discount, promotions, free shipping, mini consultation, and follow-up. If better than your competitor, it can help you drive in more new clients who see value in your special offers,

7.     Freelancing Websites

Have you tried to post your job or business offering on freelance websites? If your business is digital, you should not underestimate the number of sales you can generate and clients you can recruit from freelance websites.

More so, most of these freelance sites do not allow you to link out their members to your own website. Therefore, you should consider these freelance websites as an alternative platform to gain independent clients should in case there are fewer markets coming offline. Depending on what you offer, you can make as much money from freelance websites as those you make from your offline market.

8.     Local Businesses

While we have discussed recruiting new clients online, we should not underplay the handful of offline clients. There are many potential clients local to you and you should seek ways of reaching them with your business. Connect them to your online social media platforms, such as Facebook page and Twitter and send bulk mail and SMS to them regularly as you do to those you meet online. Visit some local organizations that you market focuses and introduce yourself to them. You can get lots of customers or at worst, referrals from there.

9.     Previous Customers

When looking for new clients, don’t forget to reach out to your previous clients. Send email newsletter often and offer your returning customers a special rate/offer for new services. You may be surprised at how many previous customers you are able to recall after a long time.


Kijiji (or Craiglist) has basically 2 steps. First, you post your service in the service section of the page. When writing this, make sure you let the readers know what exactly you offer and that they are getting a good deal since this is the primary reasons people go on Kijiji.

the second part is to visit the gig section to find new clients. Don’t only rely on the service you have submitted. Instead, browse through the gigs requested by others and see the ones that are related to the service you render.


As a business owner, you need to devise different means and ways of recruiting new clients. Some of these ways include using the online discussion boards, creating a blog, twitter, and Facebook page for your business, giving special offers and promotions, asking for referrals, visiting freelance websites, and introducing your business to local organizations.

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