Top Reasons to Use a Cloud Backup Service Computer

IBM cloud back-up is a product in the IBM series of solutions that provides secured data storage. Many big players in the ICT world are tapping into the enormous opportunities presented by the inefficiency and unreliable nature of common internal and external storage mediums that have existed since the advent of electronic computers. Many of these mediums are prone to electric fault and damage from the pressure of external impacts. As a result, computer users may lose precious information that could cost a lot to retrieve or may even be lost when damages are beyond repair or remedy. All storage mediums that have come with different generations of the computer had one defect or the other. From the days of computers powered by vacuum tubes to those with transistors to those to those with integrated circuits and now with many computers, data storage has been a persistent issue. None seem to be reliable enough as to keep data permanently for easy retrieval at just any time. For some of them, the issue may not be inherent electrical or technical fault but the complexities involved in operating some of these storage mediums. In addition, there was also the issue of having to get multiple storage units as back-up. To hit the nail on the head, there was no single location large enough to be the central bank for data storage. These evident drawbacks of available storage technology necessitated the advent of the cloud back-up technology, though very similar to the PCs in terms of medium of data storage, use tech-savvy devices absent in the external and internal storage systems of PCs .

   IBM cloud back-up is just one of the several service providers of clod data storage technology that makes it possible to store information online. Moreover, one fantastic thing about the cloud technology is that it can be accessed everywhere just at any time; for external storage devices, once they are not with you at your current location, it is impossible to access them for except there is another user to access them for you and send the information to you online, otherwise, there is just no means but cloud back-up technology is always there for you to access once you are connected to the internet. Another thing is that there are no issues of compatibility with operating systems when backing up with cloud technology; many vendors design their cloud technology products in such a way that they can run on all operating systems including Windows, Linux and Apple. However, there were concerns of the security of data stored in the cloud as a result of its ‘free to air’ and ‘access to all’ nature. In a swift response, providers of cloud data back-up services have provided users with the option of encrypting data before they are stored in the clod

 IBM cloud back-up services are designed to provide users all of these values.  


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