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Would you believe us if we told you that you could eliminate 81% of your company’s downtime within one week? Switch to South Africa’s preferred IT Company – Westech.

By using the latest in IT Support & IT Services, Westech allows you to simply direct your focus to your core business.

With a comprehensive array of IT Support Westech is proving that good, fast & efficient customer service can be synonymous with IT Support. They make sure your needs; be they email, internet or connectivity fail-overs, are covered.

Because they are leaders in their industry, Westech supplies you with an innovative Android App that ensures you can always stay in contact with them. Enjoy IT support at your fingertips with an innovative loyalty program unlike what you’ve seen before.

Choose from On-site or Off-site Outsourced IT Support it is worth contacting them about a Support Level Agreement (SLA) Contract – available across South Africa – to suit your business and its unique needs.

It is a fact that downtime costs companies millions in productivity and profits every year. Westech pledges to solve these problems in your company and have done so for their clients for over 24 years. With support staff is skilled in windows and mac they offer a service for those platforms which ensure minimal downtime and a quick response rate. The Westech support staff is skilled in windows and mac and offer unparalleled services on those platforms which ensure minimal downtime and a quick response rate proving that good, fast & efficient customer service can be synonymous with IT support.

When choosing an IT company there are some important factors to consider of which we believe the following are crucial: IT security is a very important component that companies normally neglect that is important to Westech, this includes Cyber security, Backups and a well-designed Disaster Recovery Plan to ensure seamless business continuity.

Make business easier, information safer and productivity better. IT peace of mind is knowing that your IT support is always available – and you’ll have this with Westech. Their qualified support staff is always on call and they offer a dedicated account manager, Custom Service level agreements, after hours support, lightning fast response time, in depth monthly reports and IT strategy design.

At the moment we lie in an age where are technology innovations revolutionize the way business is being done. Keeping abreast of all these innovations takes up valuable time so it makes sense to outsource IT support. Big Data may seem like a buzzword but Google analytics or Clear Story Data can help your business be more efficient. Cloud Computing, 3D printing, Customer Relationship Management, Risk management software and Communications can all be productive additions to your business which Westech can help you incorporate.

Your best IT solution will be determined by doing a Westech professional IT Audit and building a service level agreement around your exact requirements. With state of the art solutions they will enhance your use of IT with massive gains in productivity.

Westech can and will be an invaluable partner for peace of mind and efficiency that will change your world. Book an audit today and boost your business’s productivity.

Westech is one of South Africa’s leading IT Companies and a preferred Managed Service Provider. We offer IT Maintenance and Support services with a track record of outstanding service levels and cutting edge technologies. We offer this IT service to clients, wherever they are located. Contact Westech for an IT Service Level Agreement for IT Maintenance & Support

Our contact details are found on our website and conveniently below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Contact Westech at:

Email: [email protected]

Tel: +27115194900 (South Africa)

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