What to Look for in Student Accommodation in Portsmouth Education

If you’re heading to university in Portsmouth after the summer then you’ve probably got a lot of planning to do! Student accommodation is easily the most important thing to get completed before you start uni, but not everyone is sure about what they should be looking for.

There is a lot to think about before you decide on where you’re going to live for the upcoming year, so let’s take a look at what to look for in your accommodation!


Student accommodation can be quite expensive, so always consider the overall price of your accommodation – it’s good to set a budget before you start looking for this reason. The best approach to take is finding the right balance between affordability and quality accommodation.

For instance, private accommodation is the most expensive but does offer some of the best amenities and are usually better-quality accommodation. Halls of residence are often the cheapest types of accommodation but may lack some of home comforts you want.


Perhaps the second most important think to look at, the location of your accommodation impacts student life quite a bit. For example, if you rent accommodation in the city centre then you’re close to most campuses, transport links, shops, and lots of places to socialise.

You may find that certain accommodation is further from your university campus. This may result in cheaper rent but also more time and money commuting, so be sure to consider the overall location and whether it’s suitable for your needs.


Not all student accommodation in Portsmouth comes with amenities you may need. While internet is usually guaranteed, the overall connection quality and speed of the Wi-Fi is far from guaranteed. Also, you may want additional perks like private showers, en-suite bathroom, laundry services, or even a gym.

Some of these are more essential than others but it also depends on your own personal preferences. Halls of residence often lack many amenities and feature lots of shared facilities like kitchens, shower rooms, and common areas. Their internet connections may leave a lot to be desired too!

Private accommodation come with varying levels of amenities. For instance, some private accommodation come with all the bells and whistles, while others are basically a rented flat with not much else.

Think about what amenities are essential and non-essential, looking for student accommodation in Portsmouth that offers what you need most.


Good security is recommended anywhere you’re living and student accommodation is no different. However, not all have the best security systems in place, so always take the time to look for security systems in place.

For example, halls of residence often have some of the best security as the buildings are managed with staff and sometimes security guards. There’s lots of cameras in place too for added security, although you may find certain security risks, such as theft, many remain due to the high number of students living there.

Security in private student accommodation can be hit and miss. For instance, a private landlord may offer basic home security but could lack security systems. Managed private accommodation can have exceptional security in place such as secure entre systems, CCTV, and insuring your property during your stay.

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