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Today is a world of startups, with umpteen and unbounded opportunities to excel at your service in a  continuously growing market, exclusively through the internet. So why would you not rejoice in this outflow of opportunities? Apart from an office, you need a popular platform where you could reach every possible person across the world without consequential squabbles, inform about your services, make your products to common avail and even generate revenue and consummate your business. So you create a website. But later, it seemed that your interface was lacking in the manner that your expectations were not being fulfilled.

Poor customer service is obviously detrimental to the success of your enterprise. There’s a need to arouse a sense of involvement in your members. You need a good user interface to interact with your members and facilitate all proceedings well. You need a Membership Software.

A membership software makes your work as an admin easy. It helps manage the user-generated data for analyzing trends and formulating improvements to your online service. A good user-friendly environment may be built using a membership software. MembershipWorks meets all standards for an efficient online service assistance software and has received satisfactory reviews from users all around the globe.

Crafted with various features, MembershipWorks is a great tool for a online host. Here’s How.

* Membership Management- MembershipWorks excels at managing membership information. It achieves this by providing custom fields and labels to designate and categorize members according to their membership level and communities. This enables the administrator to differentiate a lot of members into folders. The Smart Search lets a user search the members of the site through names, custom fields, labels and other keywords. You may notify the desired member in the search results via email directly from there. While 85% of the websites are unable to produce relevant search results, make yours one of the few rest.

* Event Calendar- The event calendar lists all oncoming event the website is hosting in a monthly fashion. For all user’s convenience, they may scroll through months rather than clicking. You may easily add an event or repeat the same using the drag and drop feature. The members may register and pay for an event at the registration page itself. Tickets are an easy task for MembershipWorks. You may create free or paid, public or members-only tickets. This software even helps you limit registrations and ticket quantities, saving you from post-event incoherence and inconvenience.

* Donations, Shopping Carts and Forms-

Now allow for generous revenue for your enterprise over your site. Online donations and shopping carts may be added to your site for user interaction. Sell your products, avail your services, goodies and digital content and receive the cost then and there itself. You’d be requiring to create forms for various purposes. The software proposes a few form setups for account sign ins and surveys. You may also coordinate opinion polls and voting procedures through your site.

* Membership Billing- Allow your members to pay through methods that suit them the most. You may provide payment facility through credit cards, gift cards, demand drafts and payment gateways such as PayPal and Stripe. You may also organize, notify and prompt refund, past dues, pro-rating, tax laws and membership add ons through the payment page.


* Member Directory-

Members must be allowed to have their account profiles as they wish.

The software provides for code implementation for advanced customization of the user accounts. The users may also add their contact information and locations which may be accessed by other users through Directory Maps and Geo Search.

* Website Integration- MembershipWorks may be integrated with WordPress, HTML5 and several other CMD platforms.

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